What was the name of the Demon of Fear in the TV Show 'Charmed'?

Barbas is the name of the Demon of Fear. Once every thirteen hundred years, there's a universal convergence of negative energy on Friday the 13th and the Demon of Fear appe (MORE)

What is the name of the supernatural force that keeps all records?

Azrael: The archangel of death. . It is his duty to write down the names of every soul that come to earth then scratch them out when they return to heaven. . Another Perspec (MORE)

How do you fight a demon?

Demons, if they exist, are supernatural creatures. So you cannotdirectly fight them since they lack bodies to fight. If you do encounter demons, the best you can hope for is t (MORE)

Are demons supernatural creatures?

Well, there considered to be a being of some sort but not like a supernatural ghost. Demons are there own thing, dangerous and not to be messed with. There actutally not reall (MORE)

In Supernatural is Sam a Demon?

Warning! Spoiler for the last season! No. Although there were episodes, where demons possessed Sam, he is not a demon. The possessed people are only vessels. And although Lu (MORE)

What are demons supernatural abilities?

They have the ability to change shape, appear, disappear, and can effect all human senses. Demons are actually angels. Fallen angels that followed Lucifer out of Heaven. They (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in A Show of Force - 1990?

The cast of A Show of Force - 1990 includes: Tinno Acosta as Prison Guard Joseph Campanella as Walker Ryan Jorge Castillo as Nestor Chavez Tony Chiroldes as Alfredo Ruiz Miche (MORE)