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What was the platform of the American party in the 1950's?

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What is a party platform?

A platform is a political party's formal statement of its basic principles, objectives, and positions on major issues.

What was the platform of the Constitutional Union Party?

Whereas, Experience has demonstrated that Platforms adopted by the partisan conventions of the country have had the effect to mislead and deceive the people, and at the same t

What is the new Democratic Party platform?

Their website tells you, but it is worth noting that they do have an underlying policy of the promotion of socialism. This is because the NDP is affiliated with Socialist Inte

Socialist workers party platform?

Support workers' struggles to organize trade unions and to use and extend union power to defend themselves and other work- ing people from the bosses' assaults. Defend the lab
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When can a party change its platform?

A political party can change its platform at any time. Normally  resolutions and changes are submitted at the local level, often on  an annual basis.