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What was the route that grants forces followed on their way to bruinsburg?

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Why did military forces follow river routes?

Military forces followed river routes because they wanted the attacks to be a surprise. For example, George Rogers Clark launched an attack in the icy Wabash River in 1779 bec

What stategy did General Grant as commander of the union forces hope to follow?

Simple destruction of the two main Confederate armies under Lee and Johnston (soon replaced by Hood). But neither turned out simple. He himself got bogged down in Petersburg,

What is the anatomical route followed by sperm?

The sperm route can be split into two halved the male and female reproductive systems. Male Reproductive System The sperm start off in the seminiferous tubules and then are s

Why do airplanes follow great routes?

The Great Routes are the routes that take the aircraft over the northern (or southern) hemisphere and sometimes close to the North Pole. This routes are flown on long-distance

How did General Grant defeated the forces at Vicksburg?

By crossing the river downstream, while the commander of the Vicksburg garrison (Pemberton) was distracted by the Grierson Raid - a totally successful cavalry operation led by

Was Grant forced to resign from the army for drinking?

This relates to his pre-war posting to a remote desert garrison, where he missed his wife and family, and certainly drank a good deal, before resigning his commission. As to w

What route did the portuguese explorers follow to get to Asia?

Vasco did not get to close to the coast of Africa, instead his crew made a huge semicircular sweep through the Atlantic Ocean. He made an unusual manevar to reach currents tha

What British road routes follow the route of roman roads?

Here is a list. Note that the original names of the Roman roads in  Britain are not known due to the lack of written sources. The names  in current use were chosen in the ea