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What was the route that grants forces followed on their way to bruinsburg?

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Why did military forces follow river routes?

Military forces followed river routes because they wanted the attacks to be a surprise. For example, George Rogers Clark launched an attack in the icy Wabash River in 1779 bec

Do people still use the silk route in the way they used to?

  not really, now there is vast globalization so people dont really need to use it. but we can see its impact on the regions it traveled through. maybe the village peopl

What right was granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The federal government was granted the right to enforce federal  laws, including the collection of protective tariffs. This was a  power the federal government had not held

What stategy did General Grant as commander of the union forces hope to follow?

Simple destruction of the two main Confederate armies under Lee and Johnston (soon replaced by Hood). But neither turned out simple. He himself got bogged down in Petersburg,

What are the ways to force a turnover in the NFL?

You can force a turnover three ways in the NFL.  If a defender catches a pass it is called an interception.  If a defender knocks the ball out of a ball carriers hands and t

What is the best way to find college scholarships or grants?

Do a search for Lovejoy's Guide OR Robert Leider.   Suggestion #2: Inquire about scholarships, fellowships, gifts and grants in your chosen field.   Suggestion #3: On we
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Which of the following is not true about centripetal force?

A. Gravity can be a centripetal force, such as when it pulls a thrown baseball down to the ground. D. Without centripetal force, an object would continue in a straight line. E