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What were products of neolithic culture?

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The impact of organisational culture on productivity?

An organization's culture will help or hurt productivity by  creating an environment that promotes a good work ethic. With the  right organizational culture, a business can

Regional features of Neolithic cultures of Indian subcontinent?

In the Neolithic phase (6000 B.C. - 4000 B.C.) the humans actually came to terms with their surroundings. The chief features of this stage were domestication of both plants an

How did human culture change during the Neolithic revolution?

The development of new stone tools about 12,000 years ago brought the period called the Neolithic Revolution. Those new tools caused the extinction of numerous large mammals.
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What is culture dairy product?

Fermented milk products,  also known as cultured dairy  foods, cultureddairy  products, or cultured milk products,  are dairy  foods that have been fermented with lactic