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What were the new business practices that began during the middle ages?

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The English Parliament was able to win new rights during the Middle Ages because?

The English Parliament was able to win new rights because monarchs  needed its approval to levy new taxes. The first Parliament was  called by Edward I in 1295 because he ne

During the middle ages who was Charlemagne?

Charlemagne (Latin for Charles the Great) was king of much of Europe from 768 until 814. He was one of the greatest of the medieval kings. He conquered much of Western Europe,

How did building new monasteries in Europe during the Middle Ages help spread Christianity?

The building of new monasteries in Europe had a direct impact from the allocation of a space where potential converts could be convinced. The presence of monasteries surely at

What new religious orders were created during the Middle Ages?

There were a lot of new orders in the Middle Ages. Among the better known were the following: Augustinians Benedictines Carmelites Cistercians Cluniacs Dominicans Franciscans

What happened during the middle ages?

This question is asking about a 1000 years of history so it is impossible to write all of that here. Here is a fast summary. . Early Middle Ages. 500 to 1000 AD. Vikings inva

Were there roads during the Middle Ages?

Of course. Of course they were not paved like our roads today but roads were necessary for transportation. some near towns with alot of money or castles were cobbled

What was invented during the middle ages?

Putting aside a lengthy debate on what "medieval" actually means, there were many inventions during the Middle Ages: glass mirrors stained glass mechanical clocks the

Who were the middle class during the Middle Ages?

the middle class was the freetowners, it goes POPE KING NOBLES KNIGHTS FREETOWNERS PEASANTS SERFS The Middle Class rose during the Middle Ages in Europe for a variety of reaso

How was nursing practiced during the middle ages?

During the late middle ages (1000-1500) because of crowding and poor sanitation in the monasteries nurses went into the community. During this era hospitals were built and the