What were the new business practices that began during the middle ages?

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The Catholic practice of what began during the Middle Ages?

Celibacy? it was formally nailed down during the Council of Trent, which solidified a variety of church practices and was talked about by catechists as though it was something

What new class developed during the High Middle Ages?

The middle class developed in the middle ages and was formed out ofbaker, merchants and trades people who were allowed to own theirown land. They operated businesses that sold

During the Middle Ages who began experimenting with embalming?

Embalming has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years. It was not much used in medieval Europe, however. Frederik Ruysch is noted as the originator of art

How was nursing practiced during the middle ages?

During the late middle ages (1000-1500) because of crowding and poor sanitation in the monasteries nurses went into the community. During this era hospitals were built and the

What religion was practiced during the middle ages?

Christianity was unified House- mainly Roman Catholicism. True, there were different religious orders among the Regular ( by the rules) clergy, but the basic Catholicism was s