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What were the new business practices that began during the middle ages?

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Did the middle ages began with the trip by Columbus to America?

No. the middle ages are generally considered to be the milennium from around the approximate point of collapse of the Roman Empire in 476AD, to Columbus' landing in the Amer

What was an epidemic during the middle ages?

An epidemic happens when an unusually large number of people suffer from the same disease. During the Middle Ages, there were a number of epidemics. Two of the most important

Where there orphanages during the middle ages?

Most orphanages of the Middle Ages were run by monasteries. It seems some cathedrals had orphanages as well, because some were put in the care of monasteries and others in the

What did Jews do during the Middle Ages?

There was huge variation in how Jews were treated in different places and times of the Middle Ages, and this variation profoundly effected the work Jews did. They were welcome

What are facts about knights during the middle ages?

Knights started as Pages who learned to ride horses and they did things like clean armor and washed horses for the knights. They also learned manners and how to act polite to

What did the Moors do during The Middle Ages?

Moors were among the Muslims who invaded Spain 711. They settled southern Spain, and maintained kingdoms there until 1492, when they were conquered, and most of them left soon

Were there roads during the Middle Ages?

Of course. Of course they were not paved like our roads today but roads were necessary for transportation. some near towns with alot of money or castles were cobbled

How did life change during the middle ages?

After the hundred years war, monarchies in Europe grew stronger.  The French king no longer had to worry about the English king  claiming his throne. The French monarchy wou

How were the politics during middle ages?

The pope had considerable control over all Europe, even more than kings. However, kings did have control over their country as long as they maintained friendly relations with

What religion was practiced in Britain in the early middle ages?

In ancient times, the people of Britain were followers of the Roman pagan religion and Druidism. Christianity started early in Britain, and the first Christians were of the Ce