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What were the two main resons people came to settle the new world?

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Where did the Acadians settle when they came to New Brunswick?

  Answer     Settlers from France were the first Europeans to settle in the land they called "Acadia". These people became known as Acadians. Acadia was the name

Where did the English settle in the new world?

The English first settled in Virginia. Jamestown, Virginia was the  first successful settlement and St. George's, Bermuda was the  second. They spread to other areas includi

Why did people settle in the new world?

For the most part they were looking for something that was not available to them where they came from. That could be wealth, a higher position in society, or freedom of religi

Why do people came to the Caribbean to settled?

The early explorers came to the Caribbean by accident. Columbus  thought the Caribbean was actually the East Indies but found  evidence of abundant natural resources. His ex