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Why is it bad to swallow mouthwash?

You are not supposed to swallow mouthwash because of its high  amount of ethanol, as some have more alcohol than an average beer.

What happens if you accidentally swallow spiriva?

Spiriva is an inhalerdrug. As with inhalers of this kind, they treat the lungs locally from inside. It will ofcourse slowly be absorbed into the entire body but by then it ha (MORE)

What happens if you swallow ink?

Although swallowing large amounts of ink can harm you, if you swallowed less than an ounce, you will be fine. Other than a strange taste in your mouth, nothing else will happe (MORE)
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What happens after you swallow semen?

  The semen is absorbed by your digestive system. It does absolutely no harm, so long as the donor is healthy and has no STDs.
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What happens if you swallow hydrogen peroxide?

I'm guessing it is harmless if you swollow since it is simply just adding one oxygen atom to the H2O molecule. BUT DO NOT TRY IT I'M NOT COMPLETELY SURE!!!!! If you swollow it (MORE)

What happens if you swallow a pop tab?

Earlier this morning i swallowed a soda tab. I called the doctor and went to the hospital. 500 dollors later, i found out that it is just gonna come out the other end. But sha (MORE)
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What happens if a girl swallows seman?

Nothing, there are no serious detrimental health effects to swallowing semen. You should be aware, however, that exposing yourself to another person's body fluids does carry (MORE)