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What will happen if you tip a plant on its side and why?

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Why can't you tip a fridge on its side?

It's not that u can't. It's just that it is not tge best idea. It has to do with the refridgerent that is in the cooling sytem and compressor and such. A general rule is that

What happens if you tip over a cow?

She'll get right back up and may either run away, or turn on you and send you flying. If you've got her mad enough she may even try to kill you. Unlike most urbanites think, a

Why do tips of plant leaves turn yellow?

On a otherwise healthy plant this is a sign of stress caused by any  or all of many things, underwatering, overwatering, sitting in in a  draught or even a whiff of gas.

What happens if you eat tip ex?

Well my friend told me that if you swallow (a lot) of tipex you will die but i think if you only swallow a bit you will be fine so if you swallowed a little drop or less don't

What will happen if there were no plants?

  Most animals would die. Plants provide food for all sizes of animals, from tiny ones to elephants. Animals that are carnivores (eat meat) depend on plant eating animal

What happens if you tip the iceberg on clubpenguin?

You can't tip the iceberg. It has never happened. 100% sure if someone says they have tipped it then they are lying. Maybe someday Club Penguin will make the iceberg tipable.