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What work was done at mission San Rafael Arangel?

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The history of Mission San Rafael?

For many years, Mission San Francisco de Asis had been plagued by the consequences of the damp and foggy weather which dominated the area. The Indians, especially after being

What did Native Americans do at the San Rafael Mission?

they grew crops, raised livestock, prayed, cleaned the padres' rooms ( priests ) , cooked, built the mission and their own village ( if they didn't live inside the mission bui

How did mission san Rafael get its name?

From the Saint. Spanish missions ( which were run by the Franciscan Friars and Padres- naturally were church-oriented- so are most ( if only in name) of the major cities in Ca

Who lived in the mission of San Rafael?

One assumes you mean the California Mission station- it was founded by the Franciscan Padres (fathers) and largely staffed by these churchmen- who did much to essentially sett

What cattle was there at mission San Rafael?

I would imagine there were farm animals to keep the community supplied with food and clothing. In a sense a churchy Collective Farm. The missions went way beyond what we would