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What would Germany be controlled by and have to follow the mandates of?

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How did Germany gain control of Sudetenland?

he declared interest in it and the Italian dictator Mussolini proposed a conference with Germany Britain France and Italy called the munich conference. here Britain and France

What is mandation?

Sarah Palin used the word "mandation" when discussing President Obama's State of the Union address. Palin said Obama was calling for a "mandation" on health care. The problem

How long did the Nazis control Germany?

From January 30th, 1933 - when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany - to May 8th, 1945 - when the Nazis surrendered control of their country to the US and their allies.

What are mandates?

A mandate is when the federal government forces that states to comply to something they want done. For example: When the federal government wanted to raise the drinking age t

Modifier -32 is used to indicate a service is mandated Which of the following is an example of a mandated service?

A mandated service would be something like this: your job requires you to have a drug screening before you are hired. They send you the lab slip. You go to the lab and have th

What is a mandate?

A winning party's belief that the majority of the people will  support their policies.     The legal authority to take action  /  

How did Adolf Hitler control Germany?

Through propaganda- popularising anti-semitism and blaming the Jews for World War 1 etc. He also advocated the idea that Germany had been betrayed in WW1 and deserved to be a

How did Hitler solidy control of Germany?

  Hitler controlled Germany in many ways after he became chancellor in 1934. He used propaganda effectively, used his SS and Gestapo (secret police) and the Enabling Act.

How did the Nazis maintain control in Germany?

The Nazis and Hitler had many extremely successful propoganda progresses. they put posters up everywhere that would charge up the German people against the Jews always had con

How did Hitler control Germany?

In 1933 Hitler became the leader of Germany. When the stock market crashed people in Germany was looking for a leader, somebody they cold trust and listen to. Hitler was an ex