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What would Germany be controlled by and have to follow the mandates of?

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What is a mandate?

A winning party's belief that the majority of the people will  support their policies.     The legal authority to take action  /  

What is mandate?

A mandate is an order or command. In politics, it means the  authority the government has to do what it proposes to do. If the  government has campaigned on a certain platfo

What two ordinances did Christ mandate the church to follow?

Baptism and Communion (Lord's Supper) are the two most commonly agreed upon. Various denominations believe others also were instituted, including marriage, extreme unction,

Who rules Germany Whos is in control of Germany?

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany = German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a country in Central Europe. It has a representative government, currently lead by

What were the mandates?

In the aftermath of WWI. The German and Ottoman empires were broken-up and administered by the winners as a halfway-house to independence.

Who controlled Germany?

You are probably asking about Adolt Hitler, he controlled Germany shortly before WWII to 30 April 1945. But if you are looking for another time frame, either include that time

Modifier -32 is used to indicate a service is mandated Which of the following is an example of a mandated service?

A mandated service would be something like this: your job requires you to have a drug screening before you are hired. They send you the lab slip. You go to the lab and have th