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Why would a mother cat hide her dead kitten?

She would hide it to save it from would-be predators. Perhaps she hid it the same reason some cats hid dead birds, there is not logical reason becasue no one can speak cat an

Do koalas have any camouflage or ability's to hide?

  Koalas grey color helps them blend in with the trunks and olive green foliage of eucalyptus trees. Their shape, however, tends to not help them hide well...they are quit

Where would a mother cat hide her kittens?

I think that a mother cat would hide her kittens under a blanket in bed I mean or maybe somewhere cozy warm and dry my cat had her kits in my bed 2 times but it could be diffe

Where do cats hide?

It totally depends on the cat and what that cat likes. Some cats like to hide in dark places like under the couch or in the basement. If it is cold out they might like to hide

Why do cats hide?

cats mostly hide if they are scared or if they are trying to defend themselves

Can a cat camouflage?

They cannot change the color of their coat in order to blend into their surroundings, if that's what you mean, but some cats' fur are colored in a way that they are nearly cam

Where do zebras like to camouflage or hide?

They don't exactly hide, per se, they blend in with each other as a group to confuse predators.

Do dolphins have camouflage to hide from predators?

Yes, but some types more than others. The light blue/gray color of most dolphins does help them partially but they also have very powerful tail muscles and can change directio