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How to scare a cat out of hiding?

From personal experience with several feline friends, I've concluded it's best to leave them be and let them come out on their own. The key to getting cats to do what you want

Do all cats hide their claws?

No. Most cats will retract their claws when resting, walking or running in order to protect them, and will only bring their claws out when needed. The only cat that cannot ret

Will cats hide their kittens after giving birth?

It is not at all uncommon for a cat to hide her kittens. Frequently, she will go so far as to move them from place to place to ensure that they are not "discovered" by predato

Do dolphins have camouflage to hide from predators?

Yes, but some types more than others. The light blue/gray color of most dolphins does help them partially but they also have very powerful tail muscles and can change directio

What to do with a cat that hides away?

It's normal for cats to hide. They do hide well too and could be within two feet of you, but you don't see them. Cats graze with their food and to some degree are solitary an

What can I do to get my cat to come out of hiding?

  Try cat toys, cat treats, or maybe its favorite thing to play with. You can also shake its cat food bag.   Try cat toys, cat treats, or maybe its favorite thing to pl

Why is your cat hiding under blanket?

A cat is a playful animal and could be hiding under a blanket for  fun. Cats are also animals known to have high anxiety so hiding  could be a sign of fear.

Do koalas have any camouflage or ability's to hide?

  Koalas grey color helps them blend in with the trunks and olive green foliage of eucalyptus trees. Their shape, however, tends to not help them hide well...they are quit

Why do cats hide when they are dying?

This is a difficult question to answer, as no-one really knows. One theory is that the cat finds a quiet, private place to live out its last days in peace, where it can feel s

Why is your cat hiding away?

Hiding cats   Cats will hide away if they are not well, about to have kittens, or if they have been traumatized by something such as people or animals harassing them. 

Will cats hide when they give birth?

Normally. Yes. If you don't provide a secure place for your cat to give birth, the mother cat will find a place to hide. My mother cat gave birth on Father's Day and just befo