What would you do for a klondike bar?

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  • I'd stand bare foot in a bowl of cold porridge whilst singing Old McDonald had a farm O E I O U (he was dislexic you know) ....... now gimme gimme gimme! LOL.

  • I would ask nicely.

  • I would ask my mom to buy some ......

  • I would eat a klondike bar.

  • We at wiki answers would murder, in cold blood, for a klondike bar.
For a Klondike Bar I would happily jump up and down several times while waving my arms around in the air like I just don't care. I may also be willing to climb a small hill for a Klondike Bar.
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What is a Klondike bar?

Vanilla ice cream in the shape of a square ( not on a stick! ) covered with a thin layer of hardened chocolate
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What company makes Klondike Bars?

The company that makes the frozen bar known as Klondike is "Good Humor-Breyers". They are a unit of the company Unilever. The original Klondike bar was made by Isaly Dairy Com