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Can a lien be put on a home for default on a line of credit?

Answer . If the "line of credit' is in the form of a mortgage recorded in the land records then the lender can foreclose and take possession of the property. \n. \nIf it's

How do you put a suggestion on Howrse?

When you first log in to Howrse, there should be an orange box up top with the words: Post your ideas here. Click that, and it will redirect you to feedback. Up at the top of

What course would you suggest?

I have applied to do dentistry but after being rejected I have doubted whether it is the right course. However, I cannot think of a course that would suit me better. I achieve

Would you suggest playing the flute?

As a flute player myself, I'd have to say I'm pretty biased. However, I would greatly recommend the flute as a first time instrument for anybody interested in learning to play

What would an odd result suggest?

There is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it. Do you mean odd as in odd and even, or do you mean odd as in strange. Also, there are no details as to

What paintball equipment would you suggest?

A vest, helmet, goggles and worn out clothes so your clothes don't get ruined. I think he is asking what equipment, in which case a mask is the most important, take a look at