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How do you put mascara on short eyelashes and do you suggest Indigo mascara?

For short eyelashes I suggest Covergirl Mascara, because it doesn't take a lot of pressure on your eyelashes to make your eyelashes longer, and from there you can keep applyin

What solutions would you suggest to a person struggling with alcoholism?

In every city, there are rehab centers which deals with cases with persons struggling with alcoholism, where they are provided with medication and counselling to facilitate t

What would you suggest to avoid delays in dispatch of products?

The need of the hour in ABC Limited is the implementation of a  robust MIS mechanism linked to the Key Performance Indicators for  the company. Integrated data collation, re

Why would the presence of carrion birds suggest the battle is imminent?

Carrion birds feed on dead flesh. At the scene of a battle, they are ubiquitous as they would descend on the battle field after the fighting had ceased to feast on those left

What Names would you suggest for a skin clinic newsletter?

Some names that can be suggested for a skin clinic newsletter  include "Derma weekly", "skin tone digest" and other names that are  endearing to skin care enthusiasts. Names

What would be your suggestion for better of the company?

A suggestion that might better a company could include offering  employees access to better healthcare. Another suggestion could  include working toward becoming a sustainab