What year approximately did the Mycenae Greek established their first fortification?

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In what year was Israel first established?

Modern Israel was established on May 14th, 1948.. If you are thinking of ancient Israel then there are a number of possible dates. The Exodus began around 1441 BC (based on 1

What year was greek mythology established?

No one really knows when it started. The first written record of Greece is the Iliad. It begins with Homer and it is believed to be not earlier than a thousand years before Ch

In what year was Westpac first established?

Westpac was originally the Bank of New South Wales . The Bank of New South Wales was founded in Sydney as the first bank in Australia on 8 April 1817 by Governor Lachlan Mac
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What year were the Patriots first established?

I assume by Patriots you mean the New England Patriots of the National Football league. In 1959, the team was introduced as the Boston Patriots but in 1971 the team was reloca
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In what year did ITIL first get established?

The ITIL was first established in the year 1989. It was not a booming success at first, but slowly started to grow and grow until it became the size it is today.