What year was D50 first used on ambulances?

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Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThey will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck?\n. \n. \ncorrect answer\nvehicles used all depends on the structure of the department\npolice departments have emt and paramedics\nso do fire dept\nbut police and fire fighters have compl ( Full Answer )

What year was the internet first used?

There are potentially different answers to this. The origins ofwhat we know now as the internet, go back to the 1960s, to a systemcalled Arpanet. The first message sent was on the 29th of October1969. The first e-mails were sent in 1971. You can come up to the1st of January 1983, when the TCP/IP pro ( Full Answer )

What year was the first rifle used?

Answer . I can't point to an exact year and I don't think it's possible to do so without relatively exhaustive research and/or a time machine. The idea of rifling barrels was conceived by Benjamin Robins in the mid-18th century; his tome New Principles in Gunnery was published in 1742.\n. \nAc ( Full Answer )

What year was the first submarine used?

Answer . In 1620 a navigable submarine was built by Dutch inventor Cornelius Drebbel (who was in the employ of James I of England) from a design published in 1578 by English mathematician William Bourne.

What year was coal first used?

Historical evidence indicates that coal was first used 3,000 to 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age. in this time the people of southeastern Wales used coal for funeral pyres to burn their dead.

What year was the first computer used?

The first computer was used in 1938. It was used in Germany. Then, in 1943, IBM released a computer that could be purchased by companies. This computer was first used by Harvard.

What is the first ambulance?

Bellevue Hospital in New York City is credited with establishing the first hospital-based civilian ambulance service in the United States. Source: http://www.infoplease.com/askeds/first-ambulance-service.html

Where was the first Ambulance Service?

Bellevue Hospital in New York City is credited with establishingthe first hospital-based civilian ambulance service in the UnitedStates.

What year was the first tank used?

1916 in the battle of Flers Coursellette by the British. Though very, very slow it was a great success. The Tanks were a moderate success at Flers-Courcelette. Of 49 committed to the attack, 18 were mechanically unfit to take part, but the remainder performed reasonably well and achieved some sma ( Full Answer )

In what year was the first Christmas card used?

The first commercial Christmas cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole in London in 1843 In 1875 Louis Prang became the first printer to offer cards in America, though the popularity of his cards led to cheap imitations that eventually drove him from the market. The advent of the postcard spelle ( Full Answer )

What year was penicillin first used?

Although penicillin was discovered in 1928, the first recordedsuccessful cure would not take place until 1930. It would beanother 12 years before the drug was used successfully in multiplesituations.

What year was instant replay first used?

A 1950s episode of Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) used a wet-film-replay, minutes later. On live television, CBS director Tony Verna invented a system to enable a standard videotape machine to instantly replay on 7 December 1963, for the network's coverage of the Army-Navy Game.[1] After technical hi ( Full Answer )

When was ambulance first written backwards?

im assuming that you mean the livery on vehicles. I cant find a specific date but i know that the livery was done this way because vehicle drivers may not be able to read the word when an ambulance is behind them. Because of this, they may worry that it might be a police vehicle.

What aircraft is used by the air ambulance service?

Jet-wise, LeerJets are the most popular among air ambulances. Although the LeerJet has long stopped production and was replaced by the BeechJet, Leer's have a larger passenger door allowing enough room for the onboard gurneys to be removed without taking the patient off the cot. Beech and newer airc ( Full Answer )

What year was alcohol first used?

\nNo one knows. Alcohol use goes back way into prehistoric times, perhaps as far as a hundred thousand years.

What year was sheetrock first used?

Lath and Plaster was used in America up until the mid to late 1950's. In the UK, they started using pasterboard about 1945.

Busiest ambulance in the US?

Brentwood NY does over 6000 ems calls every year which is busier then the busiest city station. 1- Philidelphia PA 9,011 events M8 2- Baltimore City MD 8,063 events M7 3- Chicago IL 7,931 events A10 Yet I am not sure the shifts that number one and two work, but Chicago Medics are on 24 ( Full Answer )

What year was OSHA first used?

In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970 and OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was organized in 1971. In the UK, a similar act was passed in 1974. Other countries established similar requirements in different years.

What is D50 IV used for?

D50 iv is used to increase blood sugar level in diabetics whose sugar level drops.

What type of maps do ambulance drivers use?

i don't know about other parts of the country but in Arkansas we have a advanced 911 system that the dispatcher can tell them where the place or road is within 100yards

What year did photography first used?

The first known photograph was taken in 1825 by "Niecphore Niepce." however the camera obscura and pinhole cameras were developed before that, they just had no way of recording the image that was produced.

How do you use the word ambulance in a santence?

don't you mean sentence could say The woman had got in a car accident and the ambulance took her to the Doctor.a ambulance is a truck that takes people that are injured or hurt to the doctor

What year were computers first used?

What may be considered the first electronic computer was called the Atanasoff-Berry Computer. A test model was created in 1940, and the computer itself was completed in May 1942. There were many calculating machines that existed prior to then. Charles Babbage developed a couple calculating machin ( Full Answer )

When was leap year first used?

It has been obvious since before Roman times that the Earth's orbit around the Sun does not take a precisely even number of days, and that any calendar that wanted to keep in synchronization with the seasons would need some way of accounting for that. Leap years (or in some cultures, leap MONTHS) ar ( Full Answer )

Who organized the first Army Ambulance Corps?

The U.S. Ambulance Corps was a unit of the UnionArmy during the American Civil War . TheAmbulance Corps was initially formed as a unit only within the Army of the Potomac , dueto the effort of several Army officials, notably Dr. Jonathan Letterman ,medical director of the Army of the Potomac ( Full Answer )

How many ambulances are sold each year?

Roughly in US around 5,000 I was service manager for the largest mfg. of ambulances in the world in the mid-90's. At that time Ford would mfg. 5,000 47-A ambulance chasis of which we would purchase 2,500. The balance 2,500 would be split among the 40 (at that time) other ambulance mfgs.

What year was the viola first used?

The viola was first created in the 1500s and used in the 1500s. Although the viola didn't look like our contemporary viola.

What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-going van, boat, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft also known as air ambulance. Patient transport ambulance: a vehicle in which ( Full Answer )

How do you use ambulant in a sentence?

Well, you know that "ambulant" means to walk. Ambulant in another format. Medically related (E.G. "...his flow is quite unfair tothe service and Sir E. Phipps rightly complained of these ambulant amateurs.")

When was the Ambulance first invented?

Transporting patients by cart has been around since the ancient times. The Spanish in 1487 used them most regularly for emergency transport in the form of carts/carriages/wagons and the Knights of St. John. Thereafter throughout American and European countries during times of civil war and unrest. D ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word ambulance in a sentence with dialog?

To create dialogue, you must use quote marks around the part that is spoken. "Call an ambulance!" the woman yelled. I asked, "Is the ambulance on the way?" "I called an ambulance," the son told his ill mother.

Why is a crescent symbol used on an ambulance?

The International Red Cross has alternative symbols including theRed Crescent and the Red Crystal. The crescent symbol was adoptedduring the Turkish-Russo War (1876-1878) because the Cross was seemas objectionable to Muslims, due to its association with theChristian Crusades. The Red Crystal was ado ( Full Answer )

What year was the first gun used in the US?

The first use of a firearm in North America occurred presumably in 1492. There wasn't actually a United States until the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

When did St. John's ambulance first set up?

St John Ambulance originated from the Knight's Hospitallier during the crusades in Jerusalem. It's purpose was to protect the sick and provide care. The organisation was recognised by the Pope and moved to the town of Amalfi in Malta, (hence the symbol of Symbol of the Amalfi Cross). The organisatio ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )

What year was the first US drone used?

The first year that the US ever used a drone strike was on June 18th, 2004. The strike killed between 5 to 8 people in the area of Waziristan. At first, Pakistan claimed it as their own strike.

When is the Air Ambulance company used?

The Air Ambulance company is used for many situations. The Air Ambulance company is used for emergency medical related purposes and non-emergency related purposes.

Where can a used ambulance be bought?

A used ambulance may be purchased from the site "Ambulance Trader". They actually sell ambulances as well as other EMS vehicles and supplies. Another site to buy them is "Used Ambulance".

In what year was Ambulance Victoria formed?

Ambulance Victoria was formed by the three previous providers of emergency ambulance services, Ambulance Victoria was formed on the date of July first, 2008.

Who will go first fire brigade Ambulance Police?

It depends on what kind of emergency it is. For any call that has ahigh risk (ie: suicide attempt calls, fights, bomb threats, etc.)law enforcement will usually respond directly while the otherresponding services may stage at a nearby location. Usually every agency needed is notified at the same tim ( Full Answer )

What type of memory card is used in a Nikon D50 camera?

Nikon specifically states that the D50 can only accommodate up to a2GB SD card. However, some users find they can use the 4GB cardwith their D50s (see Resources). Although not guaranteed, use onlySDSC and not SDHC (High-Capacity) cards.