What are the exact dates for the recordings in Rory Gallagher's album BBC Sessions. All I know is that they were recorded between 1971 and 1986 but what is from 1971 and what is from 1986?

Rory Gallagher: BBC Sessions . Disc 1 (In Concert). 1. Calling Card The Hippodrome, Golders Green. 20/1/77 2. What In The World Paris Theatre, London. 1/2/73 3. Jackni (MORE)

How do you Record BBC iplayer?

you cant you have to download it! Yes, it's true that you have to download it via BBC's iPlayer but you can only keep it on your computer for a certain period of time (mayb (MORE)

When was BBC children in need this year?

It will be with us again in November.... The BBC Children in Need appeal will be on Friday 20 Novemeber 2009. It will be presented as usual by Sir Terry Wogan and will featur (MORE)

What year did BBC start broadcasting?

The BBC was formed in 1922 to broadcast radio services which it has continued to do to this day. In 1929, it began the first public television broadcasts in the world using J (MORE)

When was the beatles last recording session?

Excluding the "reunion" recordings in the 1990s; the final recording for a Beatles album was 1 April 1970 - this was orchestral overdubs and only Ringo was performing from the (MORE)

Who did John Lennon practice recording sessions with?

Paul McCartney helped Lennon set up his "home studio" in the attic at Kenwood, with its set of daisy-chained tape recorders; this he used for song demos, or sometimes experime (MORE)