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What year was the white 208 serger overlock machine manufactured?

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What is a serger machine?

A serger is a sewing machine that sews and cuts the fabric at the same time. This makes for a neater seam. It is used a lot in professional sewing. Check out the inside seam o

Does Brother manufacturers own baby lock sergers machine?

I am going to offer my somewhat educated opinion on this ... for my "credentials" I will just say that I have owned both a baby lock serger and a brother serger and I work in

Where do you buy a serger sewing machine?

There are number of ways to buy a serger: You can buy sergers at a number of retail outlets - most hobby and sewing stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics, etc.) have

What is an overlock machine used for?

If you are referring to an overlock sewing machine, it will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed through. Also known as a serger.
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What year was White superlock 534 serger model 534W-A manufactured?

It was during the 1980's I am certain. I got my Master's degree in fashion design. The only sergers that were available at that time for the home-sew market was a homely littl
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Can you quilt with a serger sewing machine?

No. As you would do the quilting stitches, the serger would be cutting your quilt into pieces. You can, however, stitch together straight edges on quilt pieces.

Do you need a sewing machine if you have an overlock machine?

Yes, you still need a sewing machine, as the overlock machine is designed simply to finish the edges of the fabric. Overlock machines do not go backwards, turn, zigzag, or any