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When Frankenstein recovers from his illness what becomes abhorrent to him?

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Can people with a mental illness recover from it?

  Answer     It depends on the cause of the illness. Some mental illnesses are caused by genetics and these can be treated but not usually cured. Some are caus

How do you become ill?

  * if your skin has a cut and gets bacteria in it  * if you don't wash your hands  * if you eat something off of a dirty surface (such as the floor, counters..ect)

Who nurses Victor Frankenstein when he's ill?

The first time Victor gets ill, his boyhood friend, Henry Clerval, nurses him back to health in Ingolstadt. The second time, an Arctic seafarer named Robert Walton picks the

Can the president return to office after recovering from illness?

Yes- the amendment that allows for the vice-president to take over in the event of a presidential disability has a provision for his return if his condition improves.