When I try to play a Blu-ray disc with Powerdvd 10 it doesn't recognize that a disc is even there?

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When was Blu-ray disc invented?

Blu-ray was invented by Sony as a format to replace standard DVD's.The first prototypes were shown at the CEATEC in 2000, withconsumer discs arriving in 2006.

Can you play Blu-ray Disc on your laptop?

You can play blu-rays on a laptop with a blu-ray external drive.You can also play blu-rays legally without one backing up theentire blu-ray ISO to the hard drive and playing it with UFUSoftBlu-ray Player. However in order to do so you must have a moderateto go video card to do it with but I would be (MORE)

Can you play a Blu-ray disc in a xbox 360?

Not Exactly, If you just put a blue ray disk into your Xbox it won't work but it is possible to play blue ray content on your Xbox just follow this guide: http://www.germsoft.com/BlueRayonXbox.html It shows you how to play blue ray content on your Xbox easy to follow as well.

Can wii play blu ray disc?

Apparently not. At home we have a Wii, PS2, Xbox360 and an LGupconvert DVD player...none of them play Blu Ray discs. We areplanning on buying a PS3, however I've heard the blu-ray supportdevice for it isn't quite there either. I guess we'll be shoppingfor a true blu-ray player. ***sigh*** No. Only W (MORE)

What kind of tv do you need to play Blu-ray disc?

hello, you don't need any certain type of T.V's you just need a play station 3 or blu ray disc player. you will find a playstation 3 cheaper its about $155 but a blu ray disc player is much more. see yah!!!

Will Blu-ray discs play on a ps2?

No. PS3 will, however, and right now buying a PS3 is cheaper than buying an actual Blue-Ray player. So yeah I'd definitely recommend buying the PS3 if you are wanting to delve into Blue-Ray. Hope this helped! :P

Can a Blu-ray disc play on a High-Definition TV?

Yes it can and needs an HD television to be seen in the best quality. A Bluray player will also work with standard definition televisions using the analog outputs they usually have. The content will only be seen in standard definition of corurse.

Can you play Blu-ray discs on a regular DVD player?

BluRay discs carry high definition television and therefore store data in a high density format. A standard definition DVD player will not recognise a BluRay disc and will simply report an error if one is loaded.\n. \nOn the other hand, a BluRay player will not only play BluRay discs but will also (MORE)

How can you play a Blu-ray disc on your computer?

In order to play a blu-ray disc on your computer, please make sureyour computer has a blu-ray drive working and installed, so it canplay the blu-ray disc. Then download a blu-ray player software fromthe Internet that is compatible with your blu-ray drive such as MacBlu-ray Player.

Will a Blu-ray disc play on a DVD player?

No. A blue ray disc has a blueray laser to read the HD disc. Also a blueray player needs a spinning reader to read the blueray disc. The spinning reader is also what is used to read DVD's and therefore will read DVD's. A DVD player does not need a blueray laser because the disc can be read without o (MORE)

Can a Blu-ray disc player play on normal tv?

To watch a Bluray disc in high definition, an HD television is needed. However, almost all Bluray players have an analog, standard definition output that can be connected to televisions that are not HD and do not have HDMI inputs.

Does a computer play a Blu-ray disc?

Both Mac and Windows can't play Blu-ray directly, so you need somethird party software. VLC is a free one which can play somenon-commercial disc.

Blu-ray disc won't play on HDTV?

Does your TV have HDMI, Blue Ray players mostly work on HDTV's with HDMI cable input. Once plugged in make sure your blue ray player is working correctly try turning it on then off again, and after that, if it still doesn't work It might be the disc.

Does a Wii play Blu-ray discs?

A Wii uses DVD drives and outputs only standard definition video so it won't handle Bluray discs at all. Although the Wii has been available for a number of years, there are no published plans to develop and HD version of the console at the time of writing (2010). No doubt the will be an HD version (MORE)

What do you do when old psp doesn't play game discs?

well i have a psp 2000 and i recentley got lbp (little big planet) and toy story 3 and the only thing you should have to do is preform the update for your psp to play the game. (example: my psp to start with was version...... idk something less then 6.0 . then when i played the game a notice came sa (MORE)

Will Blu-ray disc players play the Blu-ray disc on a regular tube TV?

Most Bluray players can play either DVDs or Bluray discs using a standard definition television. Almost all Bluray players have an analog composite, S-video or component output that can be used. Before purchasing, check that the player has an output that the television can accept. Note that the qua (MORE)

How do you play Blu-ray disc on ps3?

PS3 must be connected to a 1080 p HDTV with an HDMI cable and the setting set for that, then you put the disc in the Drive and click it when it comes on the screen. Without a HDTV with 1080 p and the correct A/V cables you can not play in 1080 p Sony makes it clear in there ads that the 1080 p HD (MORE)

Can DVD player with upscaling play a Blu-ray disc?

DVD players cannot play Bluray discs. The lasers and the data storage are different so no data can be read from a Bluray disc in a DVD drive. That is the case whether or not there is any up-scaling available in the player. Bluray players on the other hand are quite happy to play DVDs as well as Blu (MORE)

Can you play Blu-ray discs on a computer without a Blu-ray drive?

No - Blu-Ray discs are higher resolution than 'standard' discs. The laser in a Blu-Ray player is approximately 2/3 the width of the one in a 'standard' DVD player - enabling each Blu-Ray disc to hold more information. Wikipedia has a comprehensive article on the subject - see related link.

Does xbox 360 play blu ray discs?

No it does not play blu ray discs but it can play regular discs and CDs but no sorry it does not support blu ray. PS3 supports blu Ray but that's a whole different story because blu ray came out AFTER Xbox was released but I guess before PS3 was released.

If your xbox 360 stopped recognizing discs in the disc try is their anything that you can do?

How long has this been happening? sometimes when i insert a disc it just say's open tray as if theres no disk in there so i just wiggle the disc into a different position then it usually works. if your xbox won't read discs.. 1. check if the disc(s) is/are scratched, if so run it under hot water o (MORE)

What do you need to play Blu-ray discs?

A Blu-Ray player is the first requirement. To watch the content in high definition, an HD television with an HDMI connection is needed but a Bluray player can also be connected to a standard definition television using the analog connections. The benefit of HD will be lost, but you are still able to (MORE)

How do you play Blu-ray Disc on Mac?

As the Apple does not make their computer support the Blu-ray playback, you need third party tool to help. So an external Blu-ray drive is necessary. You can use the Samsung SE-506A. In addtion, you also need a Blu-ray Player Software like the Aurora Blu-ray Player, Macgo, DVDFab, etc.

What equipment do you need to play Blu-ray discs?

You will require a Bluray player to play a disc. To watch content in high definition, you will need an HD television with an HDMI connection between them. However, Bluray players have analog outputs to allow a standard definition signal to be connected to non HD televisions.