When I try to play a Blu-ray disc with Powerdvd 10 it doesn't recognize that a disc is even there?

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Can you play Blu-ray Disc on your laptop?

You can play blu-rays on a laptop with a blu-ray external drive.You can also play blu-rays legally without one backing up theentire blu-ray ISO to the hard drive and playing i

Can wii play blu ray disc?

Apparently not. At home we have a Wii, PS2, Xbox360 and an LGupconvert DVD player...none of them play Blu Ray discs. We areplanning on buying a PS3, however I've heard the blu

Will Blu-ray discs play on a ps2?

No. PS3 will, however, and right now buying a PS3 is cheaper than buying an actual Blue-Ray player. So yeah I'd definitely recommend buying the PS3 if you are wanting to delve

How can you play a Blu-ray disc on your computer?

In order to play a blu-ray disc on your computer, please make sureyour computer has a blu-ray drive working and installed, so it canplay the blu-ray disc. Then download a blu-

How do you play Blu-ray Disc on Mac?

As the Apple does not make their computer support the Blu-ray playback, you need third party tool to help. So an external Blu-ray drive is necessary. You can use the Samsung S