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What is Amelia Earhart's book called?

She wrote several books: 20 hours something minutes ( the flight of the Friendship) l928, The Fun of It, (circa l93l) and the collaborationist with her husband Last Flight ( n (MORE)

What mysteries were created about Amelia Earhart?

she was said to be missing after she failed to make it to the small  island that she was suppost hae landed on to be the first woman to  fly acrossed to atlantic there were (MORE)

What was the big mystery about Amelia Earhart's life?

There are two theres: one, Amelia Earhart and her navigator-Fred Noonan was declared missing on Friday, July 2, 1937. They were never seen again because the Japanese military (MORE)

Why did Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappear?

nobody knows how she disappeared some people think she was a spy and the japan's took her and put her in a secret place and then died and some people think she was just an exp (MORE)
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Is the mystery spot a real mystery?

I have been there several times. Gravity is all screwed up. Balls roll up hill, people change heights, compasses spin out of control and you can stand perfectly comfortable fe (MORE)

What is the mystery in half moon investigations?

Hey! I'm doing a book report on half moon investigations. Anyone else? Here's your answer. The main mystery is Fletcher "half " Moon, a private detective and red sharkey, a to (MORE)