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When are the winter months in the Philippines?

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What are the winter months in Beijing?

  I have never been to Beijing but have researched it with my class. The Winter months are December to February. The coldest month is January and has reached -10C before.

What month is summer and winter in in Antarctica?

  Antarctica is in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Winter is June, July and August. Summer is December, January and February.

What months is it winter and summer in china?

China is in the Northern Hemisphere and has the same general  seasons as Europe and the US. Winter is generally December,  January, and February, and summer is generally Jun

What is the temperature in the winter in the Philippines?

1. What is a mild winter? Mild winter means a moderate cold weather. It is not too cold and there is no avalanche and hailstorm. The cold weather is tolerable. Mild winter som

What are the winter months?

Seasons start and end on the equinoxes and the solstices. Winter begins on the winter solstice and ends on the spring equinox. It also depends on which hemisphere you are in

Which are winter months and spring months?

The calendar shows Spring beginning on the Equinox of either March  20 or September 22/23 in the Southern Hemisphere.    The traditional winter months are December-Jan

What is the theme for Nutrition Month in the Philippines?

DepEd Memorandum No. 301, s. 2010 2010 Nutrition Month Celebration The National Nutrition Council (NNC) leads the whole nation in the celebration of 2010 Nutrition Month in J
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What are the winter months in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is in the tropics, roughly 5° to 15° north latitude. So it  does not experience the same seasons that temperate areas do.  However, the coolest months of the year