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When denser seawater sinks under less dense seawater a current is formed?

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What is the pH of seawater?

About 8, close to "pure" water with a pH of 7, but a small amount more basic.

What does denser and less dense mean?

Density is the amount of mass per unit of space/volume. For example, water has a density of around 1 kg/liter because 1 liter of water has a mass of 1 kg. Something is les

Why seawater is salty?

when the rain falls on the land it flows into to the river and the rivers flows for longer distance so it absorbs some minerals in the soil and atlast it drains into the sea.

Does a football sink in seawater?

Not at the start because as you all ready know that a football does float on water. But after a long period of time it will finally of lost the air inside and them yes it will
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What happens when a less dense fluid interacts with a denser one?

Each and every object on this earth and the universe, has density, which is basically the measure of specific gravity experienced by the object. The denser the fluid, the gre