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When denser seawater sinks under less dense seawater a current is formed?

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What is seawater?

Seawater is the water that comes from the sea, and the water isvery salty, and is thus called saltwater.

How is seawater formed?

  Excessive rains at the time of earth formation caused the formation of sea......now the water level is kept balanced by the water cycle in the environment....
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Does a football sink in seawater?

Not at the start because as you all ready know that a football does float on water. But after a long period of time it will finally of lost the air inside and them yes it will
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What is denser seawater or blood?

Blood is far denser than sea water as it has a whole bunch of cellular bodies mixed in with it. I think you wanted to ask "Which is denser seawater or serum?" In that case se