When did Connecticut ban lead paint?

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Can you paint over lead paint?

You can paint over lead paint. However, you do not want to sand orscrape the lead paint beforehand. This will create dust that youmay breathe in and that is dangerous.

Why is lead not in paint?

It might have something to do with it being toxic, but it would have it's advantages during nuclear war.
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Why is lead banned from electronic devices?

lead is a toxic heavy metal . disposal of electronics in landfills could cause leaching of any lead they might contain into the landfill.
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When were lead pipes banned in the UK?

Lead pipes were banned in 1969 because lead is poisonous, especially for the vulnerable (children, pregnant women and the elderly). But, many pre-1970s homes will still have l
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When was lead banned from pencil?

lead was never used in pencils, but when graphite was first discovered, it was believed to be a form of lead.
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Is Lead sheath of Cables banned due to lead hazard?

The use of lead especially for underground cables is banned due to environmental issues. Lead in the environment and its effects on the health of people is a matter of great