When did president Harry S. Truman decide to use the atomic bomb?

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Why Truman decides to use the atomic bomb?

Trueman decided to drop the bomb on Japan because if they did an invasion, the United States would lose more men and Trueman did not want to take that chance.

Why did Truman decide to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Harry Truman thought that by dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, hewould save American lives and end World War II faster. He alsowanted to collapse Japan's means to make war again. He believedthat the loss of a few hundred thousand citizens and the completeobliteration of the enemy country's morale ( Full Answer )

Did Truman make a mistake when he decided to drop the atomic bomb?

Actually FDR made the decision to drop the atomic bomb prior to hisdeath, Truman did not even know of the atomic bomb at the time thisdecision was made. When he was informed of the atomic bomb afterFDR's death he only decided to continue all of FDR's decisions andpolicies without change. The Army Ai ( Full Answer )

Did Harry S. Truman order the dropping of the atomic bombs?

Answer 1 . Harry Truman. Answer 2 Additional Input . Harry S. Truman did not order , the dropping of the atomic bombs. He did approve the order of the "War Department" [now known as the Department of Defense].

Benefits of Harry Truman using atomic bomb?

If Truman never dropped the atom bomb, we would have to invade Japan. That would have lost thousands of American lives. That saved all those lives...za

Who was the US President after Harry S. Truman?

Dwight David Eisenhower was the US President after Harry S. Truman. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States from 1953 January 20 to 1961 January 20.

Harry Trumans justification for using the atom bomb on japan?

Harry Truman's justification was that he did it to save the lives of our American soldiers and to end the War between us and the Japanese. He decided to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima so that the Japanese would give up. He bombed two giant cities with people who had nothing to do with the war and who w ( Full Answer )

Why did Harry Truman order the atomic bomb?

He was faced with the choice of using the Bomb or of ordering a conventional invasion of mainland Japan, which The Pentagon estimated would cost up to a million Allied lives. Because the number of casualties in the Far East had already been horrifically high, and because the Japanese military were k ( Full Answer )

Did president truman make the correct decision in using the atomic bomb?

This is a huge debatable question. Personally, I would say no as I think the Atomic Bomb killed morepeople than if the US didn't use it. The only good thing about itthat not a single allied troop were killed and it resulted Japan tosurrender but it left a huge scar onto Japan.

When was Harry S Truman the President of the US?

Truman took office on April 12, 1945 when Roosevelt died and served until January 20, 1953 when Eisenhower became the new president. . The 33rd President of the United States was Harry S. Truman from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953 From 12 April 1945 until 20 January 1953.

How did President Truman justify the use of the atom bomb?

In the Battle of Okinawa, the Japanese solders fought and died for a hopeless cause until they completely ran out of ammunition. Harry Truman realized the Japanese would not surrender as long as they had one bullet. He decided a lot fewer lives would be lost, both American and Japanese, with the ato ( Full Answer )

Did President Truman make the right decision when he decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan?

It depends upon your point of view. Some would argue that he did, in order to save the lives of a million Allied servicemen that would have been lost had mainland Japan been taken via conventional invasion. Others would say that he didn't, because of the horrendous nature of nuclear weapons and the ( Full Answer )

President Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Having found the [atomic] bomb we have used it. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare. We ( Full Answer )

Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan because?

He and the Presidential Cabinet hoped it would prevent an invasion on the mainland of Japan by the Russians and Western Allied Forces. . He was really hoping to save millions of Japanese lives and the lives of the allied forces. . He prayed and hoped the Emperor Hirohito would surrender when he fi ( Full Answer )

How did Harry Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb?

Truman knew nothing of the Manhattan Project or the bomb until after he was sworn in as president. It was extremely secret. He did know, however, that the US military was already planning for the invasions of the first of the Home Islands of Japan, with one landing projected for November 1945, an ( Full Answer )

What battle Truman decide to use the atomic bomb?

Both the Battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa convinced President Truman that invading the homeland of Japan might cost as many as a million Allied lives! Russia had just entered the War in the Pacific since VE-Day and with day-round bombing by B-29's with no avail, plus the Kamakaze factor: the President ( Full Answer )

Did Harry S. Truman made the correct decision in dropping the atomic bomb in ww2?

That's a great question and difficult to answer. With most historical events, it depends on perspective. While most Americans support the decision, I would guess that a significant number of Japanese might feel differently. Given the factors of a costly war, an implacable enemy and a new technology, ( Full Answer )