When did they decide to make the atomic bomb?

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Why Truman decides to use the atomic bomb?

Trueman decided to drop the bomb on Japan because if they did an invasion, the United States would lose more men and Trueman did not want to take that chance.

Why did the US decide to use the atomic bomb?

Well, the official answer to this was that Truman figured, and probably rightly, that the Japanese would defend their homeland to the last living body and take as many America

Did Truman make a mistake when he decided to drop the atomic bomb?

Actually FDR made the decision to drop the atomic bomb prior to hisdeath, Truman did not even know of the atomic bomb at the time thisdecision was made. When he was informed o

Who decided to drop the atomic bomb?

The ultimate decision to use the bomb or not lay with the President of the United States. The bomb was originally built to use on Germany. Once it was defeated they had to con

Did President Truman make the right decision when he decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan?

It depends upon your point of view. Some would argue that he did, in order to save the lives of a million Allied servicemen that would have been lost had mainland Japan been t

Who decided to drop the atomic bomb on japan and why?

President Harry Truman because he (mainly) wanted to avoid having to spend millions of troops in an invasion of Japan to get them to surrender. He also just wanted to show the