When did they decide to make the atomic bomb?

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What were the names of the atomic bombs that America decided not to drop?

There were none, we only had the two. We had the materials to makea few more but they were not assembled and ready to use at thetime. A third unnamed MK-III Plutonium bomb core (counting the Gadget'score that was used in the Trinity Test) was shipped from Los Alamosa few days after the August 9 bomb ( Full Answer )

Why Truman decides to use the atomic bomb?

Trueman decided to drop the bomb on Japan because if they did an invasion, the United States would lose more men and Trueman did not want to take that chance.

Why did the US decide to use the atomic bomb?

Well, the official answer to this was that Truman figured, and probably rightly, that the Japanese would defend their homeland to the last living body and take as many Americans as they could with them. So, if he could get the Japanese to surrender based on the power of the A-Bomb (and he could prev ( Full Answer )

Did Truman make a mistake when he decided to drop the atomic bomb?

Actually FDR made the decision to drop the atomic bomb prior to hisdeath, Truman did not even know of the atomic bomb at the time thisdecision was made. When he was informed of the atomic bomb afterFDR's death he only decided to continue all of FDR's decisions andpolicies without change. The Army Ai ( Full Answer )

How do you make an atomic bomb?

Obtain a sample of plutonium or uranium. Enrich it toweapons-grade. Construct a casing. Build your ignition methodwithin the casing (implosion or gun-types are most common). Insertthe fissile material. Voila! Or if you didn't understand that, you need two separate masses ofuranium which when added ( Full Answer )

Why did you make the atomic bomb?

One way, it might sound selfish, is to fart in a really big bar for 6 years and 9 months( or was it 9years and 6 months?) and then stick a cord in it. Light the cord, and run as fast as you can away from the bag hopping you don't get caught in the explosion. And people made the atomic bomb to make d ( Full Answer )

Who decided to drop the atomic bomb?

The ultimate decision to use the bomb or not lay with the President of the United States. The bomb was originally built to use on Germany. Once it was defeated they had to consider whether or not to use it on Japan to motivate them Japanese leaders to surrender and capitulate to the Potsdam Declarat ( Full Answer )

Did Hitler make an atomic bomb?

Hitler was working on atomic bombs for the future. Hitler thought if Germany was to actually win a war, they should do it quickly before they run out of resources (they also actually thought they would win before the US enters the war) but after shipments of heavy water were sunk by Norwegian comman ( Full Answer )

How did Truman make the atomic bomb?

Truman didn't. Albert Einstein did, and after seeing the horrors itcaused, stated he wished he had never made the atomic bomb. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neither did, it was made by the Manhattan ( Full Answer )

What was truman's aim in deciding to drop the atomic bomb?

Truman knew he had a weapon that would bring an end to the war, andprobably would result in less American deaths. The war continued tolag on, and the Japanese, due to their belief that surrender meantfailure and disgrace, would not give up. Dropping nuclear bombs onJapan gave them no other alternati ( Full Answer )

Why did the us decide to drop the atomic bombs on japan?

The US realized that to invade Japan and take back all of the islands would cost too many American lives. In order to force a quick surrender and prevent further loss of American life, they decided to drop the atomic bomb. After the first atomic bomb was dropped, the United States gave the emperor o ( Full Answer )

Why did Hitler decide to use the Atomic bomb against Japan?

Hitler did not have the atomic bomb and anyhow Japan was on his side. I cannot believe someone could ask such a question. The United States used the atomic bomb against Japan after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They used one on Hiroshima on 8-6-1945 and used one on Nagasaki on 8-9-1945. Someo ( Full Answer )

What was the reason to make the Atomic bomb?

It was a race between the US and Germany, although that part of the war was over before it was built. It was finished as an alternative to invading the home islands of Japan.

Who was the first to make an atomic bomb?

The US developed the first nuclear fission weapons (atomic bombs) during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project, a top-secret military program that saw several firsts in nuclear chain reaction experiments. Through the work of many international physicists and other experts, the US exploded th ( Full Answer )

Why did us make the atomic bomb?

Fear that Nazi Germany would make one first and win WW2 using it. It was not until after the end of the war that it was discovered that the German nuclear program was only a very low priority program directed mostly at reactor development.

Why did the US make the atomic bomb?

To defend against the possibility of a Nazi atomic bomb, which ifGermany succeeded in making it Hitler would order it used againstBritain to force them to surrender. It was hoped the US mightcomplete the atomic bomb first, but if not then shortly after sothat Germany might also be attacked with them ( Full Answer )

Where did they make the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was first made and tested in Los Alamos, NM in 1945. This was during the final stages of World War II, although the war in Germany ended before any bombs were built. After the successful test at Los Alamos on July 16, 1945, two atomic bombs were manufactured and used against Japan. ( Full Answer )

How do you make atomic bomb?

first you must study how proton and neutron inter act each other base on what is the characteristic of each other if they are Positive or in negative side. second, combined the elements which is highly opposite to each other like biochemical gas and nonbiochemecal gas examples are a pieces of hydrog ( Full Answer )

How To Make An Atomic Bomb?

You put 3 cups of baking soda in a bottle. Then you take three cups of vinegar and put them both into a 2 liter bottle when the cap has a small drill bit whole in it. Then as you put the vinegar in the bottle hurry up and put the cap on an shake it. Then there goes your atomic bomb and you can spurt ( Full Answer )

Trumans aim in deciding to drop the atomic bomb?

Dropping the bomb brought the war to a quick end and prevented the need for a land invasion of Japan itself. While it's unfortunate that the two bombs killed tens of thousands of people, estimates for an invasion predicted somewhere around 1 million Allied casualties and 6-7 million Japanese dead or ( Full Answer )

Did President Truman make the right decision when he decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan?

It depends upon your point of view. Some would argue that he did, in order to save the lives of a million Allied servicemen that would have been lost had mainland Japan been taken via conventional invasion. Others would say that he didn't, because of the horrendous nature of nuclear weapons and the ( Full Answer )

What makes up an atom bomb?

An atomic fission bomb consists of: . arming mechanism . fusing mechanism . rapid assembly mechanism . fissile material . neutron source mechanism An atomic fusion bomb consists of: . atomic fission bomb as described above . hohlraum (aka cavity) . radiation implosion mechanism (this ( Full Answer )

Who decided to drop the atomic bomb on japan and why?

President Harry Truman because he (mainly) wanted to avoid having to spend millions of troops in an invasion of Japan to get them to surrender. He also just wanted to show the world that we were the best and we intended to make it stay that way and at a forced peace.

When did the US decide to drop atomic bombs on the Germans?

The US did not drop atomic bombs on Germany although the originalpurpose of the Manhattan Project was to develop a bomb before theGermans did. However, as the war went on Germany had to redirectrecourses to other areas so they never succeeded in developing anatomic bomb. Once Germany surrendered, an ( Full Answer )

How does the atomic bomb make an explosion?

Atomic bombs contain material capable of undergoing fission. Fission is a process whereby the nuclei of large unstable elements such as plutonium or uranium split into two smaller daughter nuclei, converting some of their mass to energy, which results in a large amount of heat. Fission naturally occ ( Full Answer )

When did they start making the atomic bomb?

Preliminary studies started in the US in 1942. The ManhattanProject started in 1943 and started making its first bombs in June1945. The USSR started their project about the same time the US did, butbecause of the war was not able to get resources to build theindustrial infrastructure needed until a ( Full Answer )

How did Harry Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb?

Truman knew nothing of the Manhattan Project or the bomb until after he was sworn in as president. It was extremely secret. He did know, however, that the US military was already planning for the invasions of the first of the Home Islands of Japan, with one landing projected for November 1945, an ( Full Answer )

Who decided to use the atomic bomb against japan?

President Harry Truman. Japan refused to surrender and the battles of Iwo Jima and Okiniwa had been blood baths with massive casualties on both sides. Atom bombs were dropped on Hirshoshima and Nagiskaki, and Japan surrendered soon after

How do make an atomic bomb?

If you meant "how to make an atomic bomb" it's a very complicated process. Fission atomic bombs require #235 Uranium or #240 plutonium and I am not at the liberty to say how much. In the design of little boy (atmoic bomb dropped on Japan) a hallow hydroge "bullet would fly into a plutonium "cup" and ( Full Answer )

Who was part of the making of the atomic bomb?

The Manhattan Project had literally thousands of employees. Is there a particular one you're interested in? Some of the more prominent scientists who worked on it: J. Robert Oppenheimer, John von Neumann, Richard Feynman, Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Glenn T. Seaborg. General Leslie Groves was the mi ( Full Answer )

How could you make an atomic bomb?

I won't give details here, but Richard Rhodes' book The Making of the Atomic Bomb is a good starting point. One detail that is well known is the MK-III Fat Man's Plutonium core was a solid sphere of Plutonium metal a bit over 3 inches in diameter. The explosive lenses crushed this down to a sphe ( Full Answer )

Who refused to make the Atomic bomb?

nobody asked to work on the project, if told its purpose, refused the opportunity to work on a weapon so important to the war. although the majority of manhattan project workers (they were not cleared and had no need to know in order to perform their jobs) had no idea that what they were working ( Full Answer )

What was Truman's purpose in deciding to drop the atomic bomb?

To end World War Two. If he didn't drop the bombs, the Allies wouldhave then invaded Japan. It would have cost over a million or moreAmerican lives, a similar number of Japanese lives, and he had already authorized the use of chemical weapons during theinvasion if the Japanese resisted as strongly ( Full Answer )

What battle Truman decide to use the atomic bomb?

Both the Battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa convinced President Truman that invading the homeland of Japan might cost as many as a million Allied lives! Russia had just entered the War in the Pacific since VE-Day and with day-round bombing by B-29's with no avail, plus the Kamakaze factor: the President ( Full Answer )

When did japan make atomic bomb?

Japan did not make an atomic bomb. It received two in ww2, one in Hiroshima the other over Nagasaki.

Who helped to make the atomic bomb?

Many, many countries helped in the Manhattan Project. . Robert J. Oppenheimer is usually credited with being the primary scientific leader of the U.S. Manhattan Project. However, the project was an immense undertaking, and there were literally thousands of very smart scientists involved, and it wo ( Full Answer )

Why America decides to use atomic bomb to bomb japan?

Well, (I'll try to stay neutral with this) the US was staying out of World War 2, mostly, but Japan attacked Pearl Harbor before declaring war with the US, causing the US to join the war and fight them. The war was mostly over, Germany had surrendered, but Japan hadn't. For some reason or another, ( Full Answer )

What negatives did the atomic bomb make?

The nuclear load used in Japan, evaporated people close to ground zero. But half the people who died were afflicted with radiation sickness and suffered up to 2 weeks. Also, there were people burned badly.

Why do countries make atom bombs?

Countries tend to make atom bombs to make a show of strength, so that other countries will think twice before attacking the country with the Atom bomb. This behavior tends to have the opposite effect, making other country build atom bombs so that the appearance of strength is also shown in their cou ( Full Answer )

How can you make a homemade atom bomb?

You don't have access to the money, the mechanical skill, the devices, or the materials you'd need. If there were an answer to that question, they would be everywhere.

What were factors in deciding to use the atomic bomb?

Harry Truman was the president who had to make the decision. It was not an easy one to make. Truman had been a Senator from Missouri before basically being drafted to run with Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, as Roosevelt sought his fourth term in office. Roosevelt had decided to replace Henry Wallace as ( Full Answer )