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When does meiosis occurs in a zygotes life?

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Does meiosis occurs in body cells?

It does not occur in any other body cells. It occurs only in germinative cells in testis and ovaries.

How can mistakes occur during meiosis?

Mistakes such as nondisjunction can occur during meiosis. This is the result of chromosomes failing to separate equally during either anaphase. Therefore each resulting cell w

Can meiosis occur in haploid cell?

no.. meoisis cannot occur in haploid cells because a haploid cells does not have homologues chromosomes.(meiosis invloves synapsis of homologues chromosomes).

Is the zygote dividing by mitosis or meiosis?

A zygote is created by the fertilization of two haploid cells created by meiosis. Because a zygote is fertilized by two haploid cells, it is diploid. It then has to divide and
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Does meiosis generate zygotes?

Meiosis generates gametes (sperm and eggs cells). The combination of the gametes makes the zygotes. So, the process meiosis produces only half of a zygote.