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When does meiosis occurs in a zygotes life?

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Where does meiosis occur?

  It is one of the following   all of the cells of an organism   a reproductive cell   a developing embro   plants only   the liver

What occurs in meiosis?

meiosis occurs in the overies and the testies.....there is 2 stage of meiosis...meiosis 1 and meiosis

When does meiosis occurs?

In bryophytes, particularly ferns, meiosis takes place is the stuctures called sorus. These are small dustlike brown dots lining the underside of ferns. The sori contain repro

Does meiosis generate zygotes?

Meiosis generates gametes (sperm and eggs cells). The combination of the gametes makes the zygotes. So, the process meiosis produces only half of a zygote.

Where did meiosis occurs?

  Meosis occurs in gametes. It is a type of cell replication that happens in haploid cells (cells that have half the chromosomal number of a normal cell). It is split into

Is the zygote dividing by mitosis or meiosis?

A zygote is created by the fertilization of two haploid cells created by meiosis. Because a zygote is fertilized by two haploid cells, it is diploid. It then has to divide and