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When level of activity for accounting increases variable cost will increase?

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Does an increase in activity increase your need for calories?

Yes, you need more food when exercising especially proteins If you're weight training proteins are essential for muscle building, and when you're exercising you're using your

Does Fixed cost per unit increase as activity decreases and decrease as activity increases?

true. as fixed costs remain the same with change in activity, the per unit price of each unit changes inversely with activity level. rent is generally a fixed costs. if

What human activity may increase the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are those gases which absorb solar radiation and re-radiate the heat into the atmosphere. The principal gases in this category are carbon dioxide and me
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Why does enzyme activity increase as temperature increases?

The easiest model to visualise this is the "lock and key model". Enzymes are the locks and substrates the keys. The keys are randomly bouncing around in space and by increasin

What about variable cost per unit does it increase as output increase?

Usually, if you have produced a million units, the cost of an extra one is much less than producing just one. The costs of setting up tools, factory space, personnel etc are g

How have human activities increased the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Humans burn fossil fuels (primarily coal and oil). This activity currently liberates over 30 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. We dig up 7 billion tons of c