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When was Debbie sue carter killed?

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Can you sue someone who killed your dog?

  You can always press a case. Is the person liable? The judge or jury will decide. It may be wise to try arbitration or negotiation first. Consult a legal professional. T

Can you sue a driver for killing a pedestrian?

  yes if you know the pedestrian... and if you didnt know that your an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you sue your neighbor if she kills your dog?

It can depend on the circumstances. Not enough is dicclosed in the qeustion to answer accurately. Did you report her to law enforcement or the animal cruelty authorities? Was

Who killed Debby in King Of The Hill?

Debbie killed herself. in an attempt to kill the stricklands and possibly the hills, but when she was climbing out of her hiding place, a dumpster, and shot herself in the che

Can i sue police officer for killing?

Not if you're dead. In other situation, it is a case for Internal Affairs. They will do research and if the killing was illegal, the officer will be prosecuted. Added; ALL p

Can you sue someone if their dog killed your cat?

Yes you can but you would have to have evidence of it. But I suggest you do not sue them because you wouldn't gain anything, and their dog would be euthanized and that is awfu

Why did debbie rowe sue Michael Jackson?

She wanted $50,000 for living expenses plus an additional amount to cover her legal fees, as well money she was owed as part of their divorce settlement, she was to receive $7