When was Pimpinella saxifraga introduced into north America?

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Christianity was introduced to the Americas by the?

Christianity was brought to the Americas by the Puritans who escaped Great Britain's religious persecution. Ironically, the Puritans themselves were very closed minded individuals that deemed any other individuals' religious beliefs "blasphemy". Note: If you are a student of the Penn Foster program (MORE)

Christianty was introduced to the Americas by the?

Explorers from Europe, sailing across the Atlantic. Subsequently, the American colonies was considered a safe enough haven by those suffering religious persecution (ie: Catholics and Nonconformists) from the Anglican Church

What is North America?

It is a continent located in both the northern and western hemispheres. North America is the third largest continent. It contains the countries, islands and territories of: . Anguilla . Antigua and Barbuda . Aruba . Bahamas . Barbados . Belize . Bermuda . British Virgin Islands . Canad (MORE)

Who introduced tennis to America?

The person to introduce tennis to the US w Mary Outerbridge. Shecame from Bermuda to New York. She never thought she wouldintroduce tennis on her voyage across the sea.

Who introduced horses to America?

The first horses to arrive in the Americas came aboard ship with the Spanish Conquistadors of the very late fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries. These were largely pure-bred Spanish horses of breeds such as the Andalusian, Jennet, and Barb. The mustangs of the American West are descended from h (MORE)

When was sushi introduced in America?

Los Angeles was the first city in America to successfully embracesushi. In 1966, a man named Noritoshi Kanai and his Jewish businesspartner, Harry Wolff, opened Kawafuku Restaurant in Little Tokyo.

Who introduced poinsettias into America and when did this happen?

No one introduced poinsettias ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ) into that part of America in which Mexico and the Central American countries are found. Specifically, poinsettias are native to southwestern Mexico and southwards through the seven (7) countries of Central America. But Joel Roberts Poi (MORE)

When were horses introduced to north America?

The prevailing belief is that the Spanish explorers brought thefirst modern horses to North America on their sailing vessels. Thiswas back in the 1500s. Historians believe that at one time, a fewevolutionary predecessors of the horse lived in North America, butthey have been extinct for over 10,000 (MORE)

Why was proabition introduced in America?

An alternate theory about the introduction of prohibition is that the oil companies of the day wanted to secure a monopoly on vehicle fuel supply. All cars in the US ran on both petroleum based fuels and alcohol based fuels in the early 20th century and the introduction of prohibition stopped the pr (MORE)

When did America get introduced to Buddhism?

Americans had almost no exposure to Buddhism until the 1800's. At that time (around 1830) immigrants from China started to arrive. They estabished the first Buddhist temple in San Francisco around 1850. By 1900 there were around 400 temples which were dismissed as heathen sites by the white American (MORE)

Where are north America and South America?

Both continents are located in what is called the Western Hemisphere. North America is the continent where it's northernmost islands are within the Arctic Circle, and extends south to near the Tropic of Cancer. Central America is the thin strip of land that conjoins North America to South America an (MORE)

When was coffee introduced to america?

The first reference to coffee in America appeared in writtenrecords in the colony of New York in 1670. One possibility is thatthe English first brought coffee to America sometime between 1664and 1673. New York was originally named New Netherlands.

When were poinsettias introduced into America?

Poinsettias ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ) are native to America. Specifically, their native homeland ranges from southwestern Mexico through Central America. As long as such critical conditions as appropriate levels of humidity, light intensity, moisture, nutrition and temperature are met, poinsetti (MORE)

Who introduced cows to America?

It is not known who first brought cows to America, but it is known that Columbus brought cattle to the West Indies on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Cortez brought Spanish cattle from Spain to Mexico in 1519, and these Longhorns spread from Mexico northward. In 1609 the first cattle wer (MORE)

Is North America connected to America?

North America and South America are separate continents connected by a thin mass of land called Central America.Yes,we can also call it the mini distric.

Why was North America named North America?

It was named America first, then Brazil and the places to the south were founded. They were then called North America and South America, for one is North and one is South.

When was Catholicism introduced to South America?

1521 is the date the city of Cumana, Venezula was founded by the Catholic Spaniard, Gonzalo de Ocampo. A Franciscan mission was established there. There were other prior landings and visitations to South America by other Portuguese and Spanish explorers, but they didn't immediately result in the est (MORE)

When were horses introduced to to North America?

Actually, and I say this with respect to the asker, horses weren't introduced to North America, they originated in North America. Don't ask me how they got over to Europe and whatnot, I just know that the Dawn Horse , the first form of a horse - Equus callabus scientifically - appeared in North (MORE)

When was jazz introduced to America?

jazz wasn't introduced to America. jazz IS America! The logical idea is to try to link jazz back to African music somehow. But, for many reasons, this turns out not to be so straightforward. Perhaps the most potent denial of this direct African connection is the fact that in 1808 the US federal go (MORE)

Did the Americas introduce anything to Europe?

Of course, just like Europe introduced food and animals to the Americas, the Europeans brought back food to Europe. Ironically we think of Italy and many of us think Pizza, spaghetti, ect. What we don't realize is the tomato sauce...well, tomatoes are not native to Italy, they were native to the (MORE)

What foods did the explorers introduce to America?

It's more like what did America introduce to the explorers. The explorers themselves didn't really bring anything to the table (pardon the pun) when they landed. Instead the fruits and vegetables of America are what made settlers move here to start up their own colonies. For example the tomato was (MORE)

Who introduced techno music to America?

There is no singular individual which brought over electronic and techno music to the United States. There are always arguments about who founded it or who truly created it but in reality the popular artists of the time are the ones who truly introduced it to America. But understand, techno and elec (MORE)

Is America a country in North America?

The United States is a country in North America. America is a general term used for both North and South America, but usually when people say the word "America" they are referring to the USA. (America is a general term used for Centra l, South and North America)

What is in the north part of North America?

Depending on how far North you want to go. Starting from the top, there's the Arctic Circle, Canada, Greenland (sometimes considered part of the European/Russian area), Alaska, and parts of the Northern United States.

How was slavery introduced to the Americas?

In Africa, there would be wars, the winners would take prisoners of war and would sell them to European traders who would sell them in the Americas to plantation owners who would use the slaves as free labor

Who introduced the christmas tree to america?

In fact it was a president from England named Franklin Pierce. America found out about it when Pierce insisted he have a Christmas tree when the holiday came around. Then the tree was posted about in newspapers all over America. Now most Americans have a Christmas tree to decorate when Christmas com (MORE)

Why is North America called America?

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer and cartographer who is credited as being the first cartographer to make a map of the Americas as not being part of Asia, but being a stand alone Landmass. Specifically America is the feminized Latin version of the name Amerigo.

Who introduced Islam to North Africa?

The Muslims from Arabian Peninsula when they went to Egypt. Of course they had the Muslim empires and dynasties and trading that streched across North Africa.

When was salvery introduced to America?

It wasn't "introduced" per se. A majority of the slaves came over with their masters in the 17th and 18th centuries (the slave trade was forbidden in America at that time, the only way slaves were permitted in America, was if they were brought over by their masters.)

How was Islam introduced to America?

American Muslim men and women are as diverse as the world. Their original ancestries represent multitudes of countries and regions and contrary to common assumptions they are not monolithic representatives of one reality. Despite their small numbers (5-7 million) their presence in this country pre-d (MORE)

Is north America bigger then north America?

No, one thing cannot be larger than itself, since it is the same item. For example, if you have a banana, you cannot say "this banana is much tastier than this banana" (referring to the same banana); it does not make any sense. North America is the same size as North America since it is the same thi (MORE)

What country introduced bowling to America?

America invented bowling. The Dutch brought the game of 9 pins to America. The New York legislature outlawed the game of 9 pins. A group of New Yorkers added a 10th pin and called it bowling. That way they were not playing 9 pins.

How was boy scouts introduced to America?

British General Robert Baden-Powell started Boy Scouts in England in 1907, and in 1909, a man named W. D. Boyce was walking through London. It was foggy, and he got lost. A Boy Scout came up and asked if he could help. He led Mr. Boyce to his destination, and turned down Boyce's offer of money. Mr. (MORE)

Is north America America?

Yes and no. If you mean "America" the continent, then it's true -and you also have South America. If you mean The United States ofAmerica, then, no because North America is the whole continent.