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What is ethnic minorities?

An ethnic minority is an ethnic group that does not form a majority, or is not a subgroup of a larger ethnic group that forms the majority.. An ethnic group is an identity ba (MORE)

What are the ethnic minority groups in the UK?

2001, 93.5% White/European 2.3% Asian 2.1% Arab/Maghreb 1.6% Black 0.5% Other 2012, 91.5% WHITE/EUROPEAN -86.0% British White -2.7% Irish White -1.4% Form (MORE)

How does redistricting help ethnic minorities?

Let's back up just a step or so... Redistricting doesn't necessarily help ethnic minorities. Perhaps a better way to ask the question is, "What is the purpose of redistricti (MORE)

Which Sri Lankan broadcaster was appointed a BBC Advisor?

The legendary broadcaster Vernon Corea was appointed the BBC's first ever Ethnic Minorities Advisor. He was the first Asian to be appointed to senior management at the British (MORE)

When did Vernon Corea leave the SLBC?

I think Vernon Corea left the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 1975. It was a sad day for the SLBC to lose such a gifted broadcaster and a kind hearted person.
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What was BBC DG Greg Dyke's tribute to Vernon Corea?

I was sorry to hear that Vernon had passed away on 23September. He was a pioneering influence in the BBC and helped to lay thefoundation for the work we are continuing to do (MORE)
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Which person belonged to an ethnic minority?

People who are considered to be ethnic minorities are those in which differ from the normal social group. For example, an ethnic minority in Chicago, IL might be Koreans or Ja (MORE)