When were Cadburys Biarritz chocolates first sold?

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What is Cadbury Chocolate?

Cadbury chocolate is a brand of English chocolate. It is known for its smooth quality and tastes wonderful. Some examples of the different lines of chocolate include Dairy

Why did John Cadbury invent Cadbury chocolate?

it started out in 1752 when he opened a cafe selling hot chocolate in Bradford. he liked chocolate, i guess! but it was his sons, george and Richard, who did most of the choco

Where is biarritz?

It is in the south-west of France about 10 miles away from Spain.

When was the first Hershey chocolate bar sold?

The first Hershey bar was sold in the year 1900. It was produced in a plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey the founder of the company developed the mass production

Was Cadbury the first chocolate company to make solid chocolate?

Yes, George Cadbury risked large amounts of cocoa butter to make the original chocolate into a solid. There was a little bit of confusion in the early 1900's when Milton Hersh

When was Cadbury chocolate invented?

It was founded in 1824. The founding of the buisness started in 1831 when John first made cocoa products on a factory scale in an old malthouse in Crooked Lane, Birmingham in