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When when may a CD be used to store sensitive information?

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What side of a CD is information stored?

The side without the label or manufacturer logo and miscellaneous information.   They are most always inserted into the CD Disk drives with the label up.

Why can DVD store more information than a CD?

  DVDs are designed to be read from a narrower beam of laser light than CDs so this allows more information to be stored in the same amount of space. There are also more e

How does a CD store its information?

If you were to look at the shiny part of a disc under a microscope, you'll see that its covered with little dents (called pits, which are small indentations on the surface). T

How fast do CD-rs store information?

It depends on the CD-R really, there is usually a multiplier written on the disc stating it's relative speed. A 1x CD-R can have information written to it at a rate of up to

How do you send sensitive information using a fax?

Mark confidential on the fax, and alert the person at the other end  to be at the machine when the fax arrives.    There are some faxes that can send an encrypted mess
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How much information can be stored on cds?

Storage capacity on cds varies slightly among media manufacturers. A Compact Disk (CD) can usually store up to 700MB data. Disc capacity is expressed in terms of how much Red

How do music CDs store information?

A CD (or compact disk) is made up from several layers of plastic, each doing its own function. If you take a microscope and take a look at a CD, you will notice this is true.