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How do you charge an iPhone?

In the box that it comes in, there is a white plug that plugs into your outlet and into your phone. Plug the side that is shaped as a square into the outlet in your wall, and (MORE)

If you get a iPhone and you put your sims card in will you get charged for iPhone charges?

Short answer: No. Detailed Answer: You would first need to have a SIM card that is with AT&T. If it is with another carrier (such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc.), then you (MORE)

What is the charge if a ci comes to your house and you actually don't sell him drugs but he uses you to go get him drugs i never gained nothing from this like money was just used to get him drugs?

You are an accessory. YOU bought the drugs - YOU delivered the drugs - YOU assumedly made a profit from the deal (believe me - NO ONE will believe that you performed this serv (MORE)

My iPhone 5C was at 34 and then I put it in my pocket When I took it out a few seconds later the screen was black Now I'm charging it and it keeps buzzing every 5 secs How do I fix it?

If your iPhone 5 C was at 34 and then you put it in your pocket  When you took it out a few seconds later and you find the screen  was black, then you should not have charge (MORE)