What does relation to brim mean?

Answer . \nThe female pelvis is shaped like a bowl with the bottom cut off.\n. \nThe top of the pelvis is called the brim and the bottom is called the outlet.\n. \nToward (MORE)

How long does it take for baby to get four out of five relation to brim to one out of five on average?

Answer . There is no average.. If it is your first baby it usually happens between 36 and 38 weeks but if your baby is in an awkward position (as mine was) it may not happ (MORE)

If im 15 how long sould my penis be?

It will vary around that age. It all depends on when you started puberty, but usually by then it shouldn't be short unless you are a late starter when it comes to puberty.

How long before alcohol-related health problems go away after drinking?

That depends upon the amount of damage. It can happen quickly, once you start eating well, taking vitamins, getting exercise and rest, etc. On the other hand, the damage (as t (MORE)

Do you have to go to school at 15 if im pregnant?

Yes. It's very important that you continue your education for your sake as well as that of your unborn child.However it will depend on your individual school system if they wi (MORE)