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When you use your headphone no one can hear me?

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Why do you use headphones?

  Well, reason one is to make sure nobody hears what you are listening to, just in case it is private. Reason two is so you do not disturb people around you with music.

How do i use headphones.?

  LOL. Well, you put the round parts over your ears and the curved stick on your head, then plug the wire into the headphone outlet on your car/ipod/MP3/computer.

Why can you hear the music on the device with your headphones in?

Try force quitting the iPod application while it's open (hold down the power button, then when the restart screen shows up hold down the home button until the app exits). Othe

Are Sony headphones safe for your hearing?

Sony headphones are just as safe for hearing as any other type of headphone. It is not the headphones themselves that make them unsafe but the operation.