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Why does pornography exist?

People like sex. And no matter what it is about people will write  about it, make drawings, paintings and movies, even statues of it.  As a result of the way normal, healthy

What is pornography for girls?

Nude men, assuming they are heterosexual. Magazines like Playgirl for example, etc.

What are the statutory differences between pornography and child pornography?

  This is the actual Federal Statute that provides the legal definition of child pornography:   USC TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 110 SECTION 2256  § 2256. Definitions

Why are pornography sites created?

they are made by people to try and make some money or to exploit their sexual relations around the world. or they are made by people who want to be porn stars, simple.

How is pornography made?

Most pornographic materials and explicit porn are made in very sex-less and UNexciting settings. Porn is a business -- there is NO love, NO romanticism, NO human connection or

Why is pornography considered infidelity in marriage?

As long as pornography does not become an obsessive habit it is the norm for some men to relieve themselves by masturbation if they feel they are not having enough of a sexual

Is pornography bad for you?

Not unless you have an addiction. It really depends on its affect on the individual. It can lead to unwanted, untimely sexual thoughts. The creativity of the mind naturally ab

Is pornography harmless or harmful?

Answer   Pornography is widely regarded as harmless. It's practically impossible to prove that any individual has been 'corrupted' or whatever by reading or viewing 'porn
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Can pornography harm you?

it depends what you mean, well actually, it can't harm you at all, masturbation is considered healthy by most medical authorities, and the old wives taels such as "you'll go b

Is the Bible against pornography?

One definition of "pornography" is: "...Printed or visual  material containing the explicit description or display of sexual  organs or activity, INTENDED TO STIMULATE EROTI
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Why did they make pornography?

 In Fact the Masons Created it in association with The American  Government in Order to put a balance into Society , and Also we  Should know that when we watch Pornograph
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What is a spectravision pornography?

Spectravision was a pay-per-view component to hotel TVs in the 1980s. It usually had 4-6 regular movies, and 2 porns, which would show at selected times throughout the day. Un