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Why is pornography so compelling?

It's like saying 'wet paint' and guess what ... most of us will touch it! To many pornography is a turn-on and some couples use it to enhance their love life while many women

What is bsdm in pornography?

BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination and Sado Masachism. It usually involves 2 or more consenting adults getting aroused by activities such as bondage (tying up), domination (
Why does pornography exist?

Why does pornography exist?

People like sex. And no matter what it is about people will write  about it, make drawings, paintings and movies, even statues of it.  As a result of the way normal, healthy

What is pornography for girls?

Nude men, assuming they are heterosexual. Magazines like Playgirl for example, etc.

Why are you addicted to pornography?

Because when a person sees sexual action from the gender in which it is attracted to it alters brain activity and produces feelings of pleasure. When this happens the person's
What if you like pornography?

What if you like pornography?

  then go with it. but only if you are 18 or older. But be careful not to get into scams on the web

What is aggravated child pornography?

Illinois state laws increase the criminal charge of child pornography to aggravated child pornography when the child involved is under the age of 13. Presumably the term is su
What are the statutory differences between pornography and child pornography?

What are the statutory differences between pornography and child pornography?

  This is the actual Federal Statute that provides the legal definition of child pornography:   USC TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 110 SECTION 2256  § 2256. Definitions

How is pornography made?

Most pornographic materials and explicit porn are made in very sex-less and UNexciting settings. Porn is a business -- there is NO love, NO romanticism, NO human connection or
Where is child pornography legal?

Where is child pornography legal?

    It is legal in most 3rd world countries It is not legal in any 1st world countries or highly industrialized countries like the USA, Canada, The UK, China, ect.
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Is pornography bad for you?

Not unless you have an addiction. It really depends on its affect on the individual. It can lead to unwanted, untimely sexual thoughts. The creativity of the mind naturally ab
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Why did they make pornography?

 In Fact the Masons Created it in association with The American  Government in Order to put a balance into Society , and Also we  Should know that when we watch Pornograph