What is 'sexy shirt' in Italian?

Camicia sexy is an Italian equivalent of 'sexy shirt'. The phrase is pronounced 'kah-MEE-chah SEH-ksee'. In the word by word translation, the feminine gender noun 'camicia' (MORE)
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How do you get a midriff in freerealms?

u can get one in merry vale that is green one is under a sidewalk and one is behind a fairy house and another one other a tree!
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Where can one find a midriff style shirt?

One can find a midriff style shirt from the retail Cato's. They are not too expensive and have a really good mark downs frequently but they have the latest fashions.

Where can you buy this shirt?

Since the question does not specify the shirt, it may be hard to answer it. However, most stores will have different types of shirts include online clothing stores.