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Where can a 13 year old find a job in St George Utah?

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Where can a 13-year-old girl find a summer job?

Whatever you do. Please, please take your parents or other trusted, responsible adults with you to "vet" the would-be employers. BAZ.   You could start a dog walking progra

Where can a 13 year old find a job in Utah?

  You do not have to get a salary job yet,, get a volunteer job in your community so that next year when more jobs are available you can put your volunteer expirience on y

Where can you find a job for 13 year old girl that has experience training horses and or cleaning stalls or anything that has to do with horses in Saint George Utah?

Instead of getting a job, why not let her start her own bussiness? If she is highly experienced in horse-back riding, she could start exercising other peoples horses. But if y

What's a good job for a 16 year old in st george Utah?

Lately the way to get a job is by having connections. Ask around in your neighborhood if anyone is hiring and talk about how your looking for a job. The typical work place fo

What is a good job for a 12 year old in Saint George Utah?

Probably mowing lawns, walking dogs. You have to be a certain age before you will get hired anywhere. When your old enough you can maybe get a work permit from your school and