Should immigrants have to learn to speak English before entering the US?

No. United States does not have an official legal language. But there is a basic spoken English and literacy test for people becoming citizens though. . If immigrants come (MORE)

How can you learn how to speak English?

Learning a new language takes time and practice. If you want to learn to speak English, you need to practice your vocabulary and speaking daily until you become fluent. Whe (MORE)

How can learn English speak?

Learning a new language is difficult. It takes time and practice. You can begin with online articles and courses that teach English grammar and vocabulary. When learning ne (MORE)
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How can one learn speaking english?

An individual can learn how to speak English through a number of methods such as: taking English classes, learning with a tutor, reading books, or listening to audio tapes.
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Why is learning to speak in English good?

For various reasons, English has become the first or secondlanguage used by most of the people on the planet Earth. Thus ifyou can speak English you can have a conversation wi (MORE)