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Where can someone find the complaints and lawsuits against property management companies?

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Can you file a lawsuit against a company who allowed an affair between a member of management and an hourly employee that caused a divorce when it was against company policy?

No. It days long past, the spurned spouse could sue the paramour for a claim of "alienation of affection" but nearly every state has done away with that cause of action. And t

How many lawsuits are there against tobacco companies?

It's hard to know exactly how many lawsuits are currently pending against tobacco companies because they are on different levels, i.e., state and federal. Generally, there are

Can you sell a company with a lawsuit against it.?

  There is no legal prohibition to it, but who would want to buy a lawsuit. In such cases, arrangements can be made whereby some part of the proceeds of sale remain in esc

How do you find a reliable property management company?

Well, it's really hard to obtain a dependable property management  company with total dedication. And then browse online & find  all the local listing of property management

Can you file a lawsuit against someone if they have filed a lawsuit against you?

In general, yes. Per the rules of civil procedure of many/most states, if your claim arises from the same underlying transaction or occurrence as the suit that was filed agai

Can you file a complaint against a company if you are not their customer?

Sure you can. If you had a negative experience with a company you can always file a complaint. One place being the BBB. Being in the mortgage business, I always try to make th

How can you find out who filed a complaint against you?

Depends on the type of complaint filed. A job related complaint, or a court related complaint? In a court related complaint, you will know who filed the complaint, when they s

How to find someones lawsuit history?

This would probably vary by different jurisdiction (different state, province, country, level of court, etc), however, in the jurisdiction I am in any person can go to the cou