Where can you find an online diagram for serpentine belt routing for any vehicle?

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Free online diagrams can be found at Dayco.com. They offer a free online comprehensive serpentine belt reference tool - including routing diagrams and tensioner information.

Visit scribd.com/doc/28287331/Dayco-Serpentine-Belt-Guide.

Somewhere under the hood, usually on the fan shroud or near the radiator, there should be a sticker with a diagram of the belt routing, 2001 may even be on the hood. On this diagram it will show a tensioner pulley and idler pulley and the approximate location. Most Fords use a 15mm or 16mm bolt on the tensioner. This is where you put a wrench to rotate the tensioner and remove the belt. When you turn the tensioner bolt, turn towards the front of the car. There will be a lot of tension so pull hard.

Installation Notes:

Put a wrench on the (spring loaded) tensioner/idler pulley and take out the tension. You can then remove the belt. Replace the belt by fitting it around the pulleys and lastly loosening the tension with the tensioner/idler pulley to allow the belt to fit over the last pulley.
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\n Answer \n. \nYou'll need to go to your local car parts dealer and ask them for a printout for your serpentine belt route. You'll need to know the year and type of car

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serpentine belt routing It is usually marked on the radiator shroud and shows a diagram if not there check another vehicle with the serpentine belt diagram or go to you local

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Dayco.com offers a free online comprehensive serpentine belt reference tool - including routing diagrams and tensioner information. See "Related Links" below\n\n \n\n

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you don't need one. look at your old belt before you take it off, or look at the pulleys. the ones with a smooth surface get the back of the belt, the ones that are ribbed get

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Under-the-Hood The first place to look is somewhere in the engine compartment: . front, passenger side . on top of the radiator housing . On the passenger side sho

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Assuming you have a 91 to 02 LX with AC, power steering and alternator the belt starting with the tensioner on top then it goes clockwise to the alternator, power steering, id