Where can you find homeowners insurance that will cover boarding dogs on your property?

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Does homeowners insurance cover lost wages if someone who does not live there falls on your property?

The liability section of the homeowner's policy provides Med Pay coverage for non-insured's (coverage F) and Liability coverage (coverage E) for injury to non-insured's. Liability coverage can include their lost wages. There are a lot of exclusions that could apply and your insurer would have to det ( Full Answer )

Does homeowner insurance cover theft of property from your truck?

Personal property is covered for the listed perils in yourpolicy, see Coverage C - Personal Property, for the list of coveredlosses. Personal property is covered even if it is located in avehicle at the time of loss. Some limitations and exclusions couldbe applicable if the loss is caused by theft.

Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurancepolicy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may ariseout of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medicalinsurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of inju ( Full Answer )

Is property damage from pets covered by homeowners insurance?

Property damage from pets If the damage is to your own property, no, this would be normal expected wear and tear incidental to pet ownership. If the damage is to someone else's property, maybe, depending on whether you have liability coverage and that you do not have an animal exclusion on your ( Full Answer )

Can the medical bills of someone injured on your property be covered by homeowners insurance?

They could be in some cases depending on how and why they were injured and what the relationship and residence status is to he named insured. Your homeowners medical coverage is specific to the named insured(s). Generally this is the home owner and resident family members. If someone else was ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover vandalized vehicles on your property?

Answer . Properties in South Florida are insured for Vandalism . A1 Property Damage Claims Agency handles your Vandalism claim from start to finish with no up front cost to you. We are paid a fee only when the case is won. Call us today at 305-249-7866 E-mail vandalismexperts@yahoo.com

Does homeowners insurance cover at home business property?

Most homeowner's policies have a limit for claims for business property on the premises of about $2500. Depending on the home business this amount is probably insufficient to cover the replacement cost of the business equipment and supplies you use to operate your business at home. You should also b ( Full Answer )

Homeowner insurance cover injury to a person on your property?

any person who is injured on your property which is a fault of the property such as wall falling on them or they trip on a garden path. this would be covered under the property owners liability and usually allows upto £2million

Does homeowners insurance covers damage done to a property by a hired person?

Generally no. Hired workers are not covered under a home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover "poor workmanship" But the contractor or repairman's Commercial Liability policy will cover if he damages your property or fails to perform repairs up to the standards that a reas ( Full Answer )

What personal property is covered in homeowners insurance policy?

ALL Personal property owned or borroewd by insured is covered INHOME AND anywhere in the world while on vacation. BUT, If you at asecond home like a cabin you own in Tahoe the coverage will bedecreased to 10% of amount covered in Coverage C. Any relativeliving with you stuff is covered also. Roomate ( Full Answer )

Will homeowners insurance cover livestock guardian dogs?

That will depend on the individual insurance carrier. Some will not cover dogs at all, some cover only certain breeds, and some will cover any dog with no previous history of aggression. Ask your insurance agent whether your own policy covers your dog.

Should homeowners insurance cover damage to a neighbor's property?

Your home insurance property coverage portion of your policy would not provide coverage for property of another. However, If you are found liable for damage to your neighbors property your liability coverage would invoke. Most homeowners Insurance policies come as a package with some level of Lia ( Full Answer )

Will a homeowners insurance policy cover for an accident to an insured off property?

There is no coverage at all for an accident to an insured either off property or on property. A Homeowners policy provides coverage for structures, personal property, additional living expenses due to loss, liability coverage and medical payments. There is coverage away from premises for insured per ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover a car stolen off your property?

No, Never. An auto theft would have to be covered by the vehicle owners comprehensive auto insurance policy. A homeowners Insurance policy is not liable for the theft of a vehicle. that's what Auto Insurance is for. If an Auto Owner chooses not to purchase a Comprehensive auto Insurance Policy th ( Full Answer )

A friend's dog accidentally injured my dog in my home Does homeowners insurance cover anything?

Your personal property coverage specifically excludes "animals, birds or fish". You could attempt to make a liability claim against your friend, and their liability coverage might apply, but that could have serious consequences for your friend's rates and future insurability. You'd have to consul ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover any costs towards injury of the homeowner on their own property?

Homeowners insurance is "Property Coverage". Most home insurance policies only have 500 dollars medical coverage for the named insured which covers minor house hold injuries in and around the house. Some home insurance policies have no medical coverage at all since it's "property insurance". Your ( Full Answer )

Will homeowners insurance cover golf clubs stolen from the car on the property?

Every homeowners policy is unique and you need to read through your policy to be sure but I can tell you that most homeowners policies will cover your personal property. Your homeowners policy will actually cover your personal property anywhere in the world (depending on your specific policy). If y ( Full Answer )

Does an owners liability insurance cover damages to contents of renters property if the homeowner is negligent?

No, a homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for the property of a tenant. That's what "Renters Insurance" is for. If the renter chose not to purchase a renter insurance policy, Then the renter was negligent to the extent that the renter chose not to purchase a renter insurance p ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your home and property from a bacteriostatic treatment used in a humidifier?

Probably not - for two reasons. Most homeowners policies exclude any type of micro-biological damage because they are natural and cannot be controlled. The second reason is that if the homeowner knowingly introduces these organisms into their home, then it would be considered intentional and the dam ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery when theft occurred from another persons property?

Yes. Homeowners policies provide coverage for theft or any other covered cause such as fire, tornado, etc. when the property is located off premises. The amount of coverage is generally 10% of coverage C (Contents) for property located off premises. This covers property at a friends house, in a hote ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover a wildlife camera on the property?

Certainly it is covered. However, I can guarantee that thereplacement cost of the camera is less that your deductible. Youreally need to find this out before you file a claim. You only needto use your homeowner's insurance policy for large events such as afire or such because if you file small claim ( Full Answer )

Will your homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbors property caused by fire damage?

Generally no. The only time that your homeowners policy will cover property of anyone else is if you are legally liable for the damages. For instance if you started a fire on purpose for some reasonable need that got away from you and they neighbor demanded payment. In this case you turn it over to ( Full Answer )

Does homeowner insurance cover dog chewing glasses?

Homeowners Insurance does not cover incidental property damage or loss resulting from our choice of pet ownership. Answer it depends , if it is your dog no you don't have any coverage for that . However, it covers dog chewing contact lenses.

Would homeowner insurance cover dog eating dentures?

No. I don't think your dog eating your dentures would be covered. First off your deductible is involved and secondly it's your dog. i would call the vet as the dog may need surgery. Whether or not you will get them back from the dog one way or another.

Is carpet damaged by dog covered under homeowners insurance?

I believe in most any situation that carpet damaged by a dog will not be covered. Of course it will depend on the actual policy and what happened but in most if not all cases this type of damage would not be covered.

Does Homeowners insurance cover grandkids who vandelized neighbors property?

It just depends on whether you are liable for the acts of yourgrandchild or not. It might be that the childs parents are legallyliable for their acts in your jurisdiction. Not knowing your localregulations, theres not enough information in your question toanswer properly. In general though, If you ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover outside you property?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I will take a shot. If you mean personal property not located on your property then yes, you have coverage of your personal property while you are traveling away from home. Up to 10% of coverage C (personal property) is covered while off premises. I hope ( Full Answer )