Where can you find unedited pants off dance off videos?

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How do you sweet talk the pants off a girl?

try knocking her handbag off the counter or table, alert her and pick it up for her, then say how lucky she is that you saved her handbag and tell her that you are perfect for eachother. Then act all cutcie get a boner and tell her that it was all her fault. give her you phone number and hook up! you dont have to do it that way but you get where ive got the story from no? just make her feel like she is all that matters

How do you ask a girl to take her pants off?

if you loved me ! you will. WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT!? Don't guilt her into it or give her the false impression that you love her, if you actually don't. That will just lead to problems. That is not a spot you want to put her in. You need to form more trust in your relationship. She needs to know that you'll be with her regardless of whether or not she takes her pants off. I, personally, need more trust in my relationship because she was uncomfortable with me fingering her in her pants. I am going to try to have more fun with foreplay to have more fun with being intimate and spark more sexual attraction just as I did with personal attraction. When I feel confident that we can take it a step further I will tell her softly, "Take my hand, slide it down, and put it in your pants." For you, when its time, say, "Take off your pants." or, as I did make it something you both want and say, "Let's take off your pants." Only say it if she is turned on to that point, no sooner. If you do say it too soon, settle down, take it back two steps, then progress forward as though it she had not rejected you (but this time you know where she is at sexually).

How do you get your son off of video games?

Well... i play video games too but... you can try to get your son to go outside and do an activity with s friends or let him play a sport.... or just take away is game system and lock it up somwhere

How do you get scratches off a video game?

You fix video game discs by using a kit with a series of abrasives, from course to light, to wear down scratches - step by step - to a smooth finish. Professional systems use multiple abrasives, consisting of different hardness and shapes (sharp to smooth).. Regardless of product or system used, the key is to use a series of abrasives (more than one stage) to gradually bring the plastic back to a polished surface.. If you want to remove all scratches on your video game disc, take a look at the 5-stage Scratch Pro repair kit. It will bring the disc back to its original shine and you will have a kit on hand to fix the next disc. Also do a search for scratch repair to see what is out there in your area. To do a targeted search, use the + sign in front of the search words +disc +scratch +repair

Cast off dance?

cast off dance sinasayaw kapag ikaw ay pagod lalo kapag wala kang tulog!! kaya dapat uminom ng kape bago ka sumayaw para ma relax ang ung joint pains !! ayus ba?? any questions?? xD

How do you download videos off of YouTube?

This is a very simple thing actually 1. Find the video on youtube and copy the URL 2. Open up vixy.net 3. Select the type of format of the file 4. Paste the URL into the yellow bar and press start 5. it will then resolve the video and it then downloads it 6. Play the video 7. There you go Maxy661

How do you delete videos off your ipod?

The way to delete a video from an iPod Nano is: 1: Go to your "Videos" tab. 2: With your scroll wheel, go over to the video you would like to delete. 3: Press and HOLD the middle button of the iPod scroll wheel and after about 3 seconds, a menu screen will pop up. 4: Choose from the following, "Delete", or "Delete All". There is "Cancel", but you won't be using this option if you are deleting a video. I hope this solved your question. omg thank you........i had taken a vid of me and my best friend and it was not apropiate and like i did not want my mom to see it... hahaha... but i had fun

How do you delete a video off your Bebo?

♥. NicoleeeDoakk, At the top right hand corner in your video box it says 'Favourites' click on that & find the video that you want deleted. Once you've found the video click on the small red box with the 'x' init at the top corner of that video & then bebo will ask you if you are sure you want to delete it, if so click ok. ; hope ive helped!!x.

How do you download videos off the net?

E. M. Total Video Coverter 3.60 newly added usefull fuction which supports Flash video download / MP4 download on Windows 7. Now, it becomes easy to download flash videos / movies from Youtube (or any other flash website) , and keep them in your own pc. pls follow the steps: 1 Run E. M. Total Video Coverter 2 Click "new task" -"download flash video" button 3 Play video on any browser like IE, FireFox, Opera, … or on FLV Searcher ; the video will be sniffed (catched ) and downloaded when it is playing. After finished, you can check total video converter folder to see your OWN video !

How do you get tar off denim pants?

Use WD-40 to remove the tar then hand wash pants in Dawn dish soap. Once clean wash in washing machine by themselves. I was a roofer and this was the best way I found to remove roofing tar

How do you get videos off of YouTube on a mac?

This is a very simple thing actually. 1. Find the video on youtube and copy the URL 2. Open up vixy.net 3. Select the type of format of the file 4. Paste the URL into the yellow bar and press start 5. it will then resolve the video and it then downloads it 6. Play the video 7. There you go. Maxy661

How do you take a video off of Stickam?

Hover over the "Account" tab and then click on "Edit Profile." Then click on the "My Videos" tab. You will then be able to delete whatever media files you don't want anymore.

How do i get videos off of YouTube?

This is a very simple thing actually. 1. Find the video on youtube and copy the URL 2. Open up vixy.net 3. Select the type of format of the file 4. Paste the URL into the yellow bar and press start 5. it will then resolve the video and it then downloads it 6. Play the video 7. There you go. Maxy661

How do you download a video off of stickam?

I use Ant Video Downloader to download from any streaming sites. To download and install Ant Video Downloader, use internet explorer or firefox. Go to the page where the video is playing. Click the Download Button when video is buffering. Close the page or search another video. When the download completes click the Player Button to play the video. It is totally free and contains no adware or spyware at all.

How do you download video off horsehero?

Horsehero plays streaming videos like youtube. And to download from them is pretty much the same. I use Ant Video Downloader because it is the fastest and easiest way in getting videos off my browser. And it is free. First. Install the downloader. Either an Add-on for firefox or internet explorer. Both works perfectly. Second. Go to the Horsehero video page and click download button. Lastly. When downloading is complete hit Player button to watch the videos. Looks so simple? Well it is. Enjoy:)

Is there an unedited version of Make the girl dance?

yes, but it never got out on the internet. 1 frame uncensored did leak out though. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xigzg6_make-the-girl-dance-baby-baby-baby-uncensored_sexy UPDATE: Actually, the link above leads to a spammer. The supposed frame leak was just a photoshop to trick people. There is no unedited version to watch.

How do you copy videos off you-tube?

Well this was a challenge for me,For i have I movie and didn't have capture cards to get my videos off my tv or game systems but then i found ... ZAMZAR this is a site where you can copy a ULR (The long address at the top of the screen that starts with http:// ) So copy that and then u can change it to a movie or if it's a song to a mp3.Then send it to your email (don't worry its safe)There click the other ULR that will send you back to ZAMZAR and then click download.You should see a download bar or something. It took me a while to figure this out so if this fixes your problem then good for u! Then after u can make your vid or whatever and show it back to the world on youtube or not!!! If this helped u then write a comment in the discussion page(u don't have to be a member)

Who removed the video off youtube?

listen, someone going to stop this. who ever removed the video is the reckless remover. i suggest that tell the company to put it back where it belongs. thank you.

How did jem pants fall off?

because he was trying to go under the fence and he got stuck so dill helped him by taking off his overalls. hope i answered your question

If you have to pee but your wearing pants you cant get off what do you do?

If you are a male, and if they are pants, they should have a zipper, and your underwear may have a hole type of thing the them. If this is the case, just unzip your pants and ya. Now, if your a female then your going to have to get your pants off, but it doesn't matter because you have stalls anyways.

How do you get a video off of YouTube?

You can download them by using a program called YouTube Downloader, in which you can download any YouTube video you want and can save it into any type of file you want (even an iPod format that allows you to put the videos on your iPod). To get this program, follow the related link below

How do you get video off YouTube and on to your ipod?

download realplayer off of Realplayercafe.com and when you are watching a video, on the top of the vid should say "download to realplayer". click that and it will show you progress and stuff when you want to see it. when its done,you go to your realplayer icon and when realplayer is up, on the left side it will say "videos" only if you are in your library. click that and when or if you see your video go to sync , on the top of the webpage and if your ipod is plugged in it will ask what you want to sync, so you click your video and it will put it on your ipod!!!!!!! :D

How do you get photos off of youtube videos?

You can press "Prnt Scr" (Print Screen) on your keyboard once you paused the video at the exact spot you want it. Then paste it onto MS Paint or another image-editing program. Now, you can crop or edit your still.

How do you play dance off on our world?

The way it works is, you are challenged to a dance off (or other way around). You should notice each dance move is in a different color.. Red Beats Green. Green beats blue. Blue beats red.. If you pick the same color, it is a matter of who's dance is stronger.. The power depends on the level you got the dance..

Do you take off your pants for a physicl?

For a full physical exam, most doctors have you undress (in private), leaving on your undershorts and socks, then have you put on a sort of light bathrobe that ties in the back. If the doctor needs to slip his finger up your rear and have a feel around, he or she will have you slip your undershorts down a little in back. He or she may have you lie on your back with your shorts pulled down so they can examine your genitals and check for hernias. If it's just a checkup, you usually stay dressed.

How do you make a video for the make your mark dance off?

For the 2012 contest you pick you're favorite shake it up song on the Disney Channel website,Then you use the music from shake it up in you're dance video and then when you're done with you're dance video you just uplode it to the Make you're Mark Contest.

What is the definition of a dance off?

A dance off is a type of dancing competition. It happens when someone challenges someone else to a dance off competition. They make this challenge by "serving" the other party, as it is referred to. When you "get served" , the rebuttal is a "dance off".

Can you get pregnant if the male did not take his pants off?

Well, yes, but that's a trick question. If the pants are ON but the penis is sticking through the zipper, then, yes, you can get pregnant. You also can get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat. But, there has to be a dude with a hard-on BETWEEN you and the toilet seat.