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Where can you get a manual for Sears Model 116.35923 Vacuum Cleaner?

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Who makes vacuum cleaners for Sears?

Sears' main brand of appliances of all kinds is Kenmore.. Our new Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner also uses Panasonic vacuum bags, a fact that hints as to who the manufacture

Where can you download a manual for a Sears model no 358.797260?

I don't see a free download anywhere. You can get it from Sears for $4.93.. Cut and paste this into your browser to get it:. http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/disp

Which model is better in vacuum cleaners?

filtropur fc3000 is the best cleaning machine in the world!!!!! seen it own it and love it!!!!! lifetime free service!!!! 5yr on parts!!! all upgrades are retrofitted!!! the d

What is the best model of the Oreck vacuum cleaner?

For me, the best model of the Oreck vacuum cleaner is the Oreck XL Deluxe vacuum cleaner. This cleaner does not get messed up easily and is long lasting.

What brand and model vacuum cleaner do most hotels use?

Of course it varies, but quite a number of hotels are using the Oreck vacuum cleaner because it so light and easy for the cleaning people to carry around.