What is a Mopar?

Mopar is the name for Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat and Dodge (currently) it is used as a slang term and for their performance devision other mopar brands include: Plymouth Eagle AMC (MORE)

How do you disconnect remote starter?

To disconnect a remote starter you will have to remove thedashboard panel around the car's steering column. Look for theremote starter. Disconnect the wire at the starter that (MORE)

Why is your remote starter on your car not starting?

I have a 1999 maxima, now i guessing this is a Nissan remote car starter because it's said Nissan on the key chain lol. I pressed the button twice and dash board lights comes (MORE)

How do you install remote starters?

The remote starter duplicates the function of the key. You will need to get under the dash and solder the wires from the remote starter to the proper wire harness wires. In (MORE)

How do you use a remote car starter?

To start a car, you charge up the glow plug starter. Once fully charged, prime the engine (place finger over the exhaust pipe exit and pull the engine starter cord or use your (MORE)
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Where could one purchase Mopar parts?

Mopar parts can be easily bought online at the Mopar homepage where customers can customize and easily find the parts that they need, and subsequently, buy.

Which part of the instruction tells the microprocessor what operation is to be performed?

The part of the instruction that tells a computer what operation toperform is variously called the "operation code", "op code","opcode", "operation", "order code", "instructio (MORE)