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How many episodes are in Code Lyoko?

There is 95 episodes. People try making up fake episodes further into the series to get veiws. But we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Season 5 will come soon (2012)!

What is the last episode of code lyoko?

the last episode is No 95 echoes for the list of episodes go to this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Lyoko_episodes to watch all episodes i found this page with a lin

Where do you download Code Lyoko Episodes?

I don't really know yet how to download code lyoko episodes :/ but I do know how to watch every single episode for free go to this website: http://www.codelyokoepisodes.eu.pn/

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 39?

All Code Lyoko episodes are available on YouTube. Just search for 'Code Lyoko 39' and it should be the first result.

Where can you watch complete episodes of code lyoko?

I would say youtube.com or dubhappy.com; I would also advise megavideo.com. Please Note: If you want this or any episode use RealPlayerDownloader or youtubedownloader. This

What is the last episode in code lyoko?

the last episode was episode 95 (echoes) but there may be an extra episode called codelyoko reloaded but i will most likely be another echoes