Where can you watch episodes of code lyoko?

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How many episodes are in Code Lyoko?

There is 95 episodes. People try making up fake episodes further into the series to get veiws. But we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Season 5 will come soon (2012)!

What is the last episode of code lyoko?

the last episode is No 95 echoes for the list of episodes go to this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Lyoko_episodes to watch all episodes i found this page with a li

Where can you watch Code Lyoko in the computer?

You can watch episode of the series Code Lyoko on Youtube like I did. But Youtube doesn't have every episode or full episodes all the time, so if I were you I'd go to Google.c

Where can you watch complete episodes of code lyoko?

I would say youtube.com or dubhappy.com; I would also advise megavideo.com. Please Note: If you want this or any episode use RealPlayerDownloader or youtubedownloader. Thi

Where can you watch code lyoko all seasons and episodes but not on veoh?

Youtube and you can purchase them on itunes all seasons but four are currently on there as of 12/8/10. (today) Wednesday and also the two part episode Xana awakins they are bo