Where can you watch episodes of code lyoko?

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How many episodes are in Code Lyoko?

There is 95 episodes. People try making up fake episodes further into the series to get veiws. But we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Season 5 will come soon (2012)!

What is code lyoko about?

Code Lyoko Is abut 4 kids that discover a supercomputer when a kid named Jeremie turns it on he discovers a girl named Aelita who at first he caled Maya she dose not remember anything. There was also a multi agent program called XANA who has the power to activate towers that can make him go on to Ea (MORE)

What is code lyoko?

It is an anime show about 4 kids (Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremy and Odd) who discover a supercomputer in an abandoned factory that contains a virtual world called Lyoko. They discover a girl living in it called Aelita but also there is a computer virus called XANA who trys to stop the gang by activating virt (MORE)

Code lyoko season 5?

Well Code lyoko is coming aroung 2012. It's called Code lyoko Evolution. So be sure to Youtube it!

What is the last episode of code lyoko?

the last episode is No 95 echoes for the list of episodes go to this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Lyoko_episodes to watch all episodes i found this page with a link to all episodes go to this page http://www.youtube.com/user/3uphoria7 PS big fan have fun.

What is the first Code Lyoko episode?

The first episode of Code Lyoko is called Teddygodzilla. There is a 2-part prequel called Xana Awakens which people sometimes mistake for the first episode but it isn't. It is good to watch that as it explains a lot of the series.

Why is episode 78 of code lyoko banned?

The episode was not banned. The episode was just skipped by Cartoon Network because they had something else to air on the night it was supposed to air. Then, instead of airing Episode 78, they aired Episode 79 and forgot about 78. The episode is available for download with French audio + English sub (MORE)

What is the best Code Lyoko Episode site?

I reckon its www.codelyoko.com theres info about the characters, the setting, and much more. But its offline at the moment or what you call ofline, watch for yourself!

Where can you watch Code Lyoko in English?

All of the original Code Lyoko series is available on YouTube. You can find them by searching for Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you want (1-96).. The new series Code Lyoko Evolution has not had a proper English dub release and even then it will most likely not be allowed on YouTube. Moo (MORE)

Where do you download Code Lyoko Episodes?

I don't really know yet how to download code lyoko episodes :/ but I do know how to watch every single episode for free go to this website: http://www.codelyokoepisodes.eu.pn/

Where can you watch Code Lyoko in the computer?

You can watch episode of the series Code Lyoko on Youtube like I did. But Youtube doesn't have every episode or full episodes all the time, so if I were you I'd go to Google.com and click the videos tab at the top and type "Code Lyoko Episode( insert episode # or name here)" :D

Where can you watch complete episodes of code lyoko?

I would say youtube.com or dubhappy.com; I would also advise megavideo.com. Please Note: If you want this or any episode use RealPlayerDownloader or youtubedownloader. This is where I downloaded most of these episodes using RealPlayerDownloader. I just went to google.com and typed it in, and do (MORE)

Where can you watch code lyoko all seasons and episodes but not on veoh?

Youtube and you can purchase them on itunes all seasons but four are currently on there as of 12/8/10. (today) Wednesday and also the two part episode Xana awakins they are both free and p.s if you like call of duty or code lyoko and have ps3 and want more info on either on PS3 add mrbeaversfe (MORE)

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 28?

You can view all Code Lyoko episodes on YouTube. Simply head to YouTube and type in 'Code Lyoko 28' and it should be the first result (Code Lyoko Episode 28 - Uncharted Territory). .

What is the second episode in season 1 of Code Lyoko called?

You probably already found this out :( , but if you didn't here it is: The second episode in season 1 is called "Seeing is Believing" Here is the description from Wikipedia: After a lecture on nuclear power in class, Odd begins casting for a traditional rock band called the Pop Rock Progressives. (MORE)

In code lyoko who is odds girlfriend?

Odd doesn't have a girlfriend. At least not a steady one. He's apparently dated all the girls in the eight grade. In one episode he has a girlfriend named Samantha who goes to another school and is a DJ.

Where can you get Code Lyoko season 2?

All the episodes of Code Lyoko are available on YouTube. Just search up Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you want to see. Season 2 is episodes 27-52..

Is Code Lyoko reairing in the US?

I don't know, truthfully, i don't think so, i mean, everyone knows that first time it was pretty cool with all the suprises but the tv show in America just went downhill from there. If they do then they would have to do a lot to get as many people to watch as the begining of the season compared to t (MORE)

Does code lyoko exist?

I really wish it does but No sorry althogh random people and being stupid and saying it is real

What are the codes to Code Lyoko?

Aelita enters the codes in a tower. The codes are: LYOKO for deactivating a red tower that has been activated by XANA for attacks on Earth. XANA for deleting a sector In Episode 78 , William enters code XANA and takes over the tower that the Skid has been docking.

What site to go on to watch Code Lyoko?

You can find all the episodes of Code Lyoko on YouTube by searching for Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you wish to see. You can also use streaming services like Netflix or On Demand (if you have them)..

Which code lyoko episode sissi kissed ulrich?

Well, Sissi didn't kiss Ulrich, it was actually Ulrich who kissed her first. It's the one where Jeremy is stuck in the database and the four friends need to save him before it's too late. I can't remember the name of the episode.