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When did Mary die?

  This is not in the Bible. But there are some answers in the spiritual vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich.   Mary died around age 69 in a different areas away from Jeru

How did Mary die?

The question is not how, but if. Since the early Church, there has been extensive speculation on whether or not the Blessed Virgin died. In the Eastern Churches, it has always

How did Mary I die?

Mary I of England aka Bloody Mary died. She was not killed. She died at St. James's Palace on 17th November 1558. Mary was Queen for 44 years. Mary I died after a false pr

What did Mary die of?

Her kingdom was attacked and an arrow hit her heart during the attack. The arrow still has her blood on it.

Who was Twyla Tharp?

  She was a very talented dancer and choreographer. She made many dances that were popular including Movn' Out. She has won many awards and is very accomplished.

Where did Mary I die?

Mary I died in london at sanit james palce in may 1558. mary died from an serios illnes called INFLUENZA

Did Mary you die?

Yes, seeing how she was born in the sixteenth century, it would be remarkable if she had not by now.