Where did coyote Peterson live?

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Where does the coyote live?

The coyote lives in many habitats, from desert to grassland toforests. They are even seen in some major cities. A few years agoone was spotted in downtown Manhattan in New Yor

Where can coyotes live?

every where . . . . . mostly in like wooded areas, and places with TALL grass. We have a field behind our house, and there always commin' in our yard.

Where do coyotes live?

Coyotes live in North America, from Alaska and Canada to Mexico, and south to Panama in Central America. However, they are especially populous in the southwestern states of th

Were does Adrian Peterson live?

He lives in Asia during the season and takes a plane to Huston Texas to play for the Falcons. He lives in Ireland during the off season with his sons and wife.

Where does a desert coyote live?

There is no 'desert coyote.' There is but one species and it can befound in a variety of habitats, from deserts to grasslands andforests. They are even found in urban areas. A