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How do you reply to How are you doing?

The question "How are you?" or "How are you doing?" are essentially meaningless phrases used to initiate a conversation. The only appropriate responses are some variant on " (MORE)

What is 'What are you doing' in French?

Que fais-tu is a French equivalent of 'What are you doing'. The interrogative 'que' means 'what'. The verb 'fais' means '[you] are doing or making, do do or make, do or make'. (MORE)

What is DOS?

DOS is an abbreviation for Disk Operating System. Historically, not all operating systems ran off of floppy disks or hard drives, so ones that included this functionality ofte (MORE)

Is DOS obsolete?

No Dos is still used in many things today. Many programs are Windows Only due to them using Dos Files.
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What is What are you doing in French?

Qu'est-ce que tu fais? (Pronounce kess-ker-tuh-fay)   or in formal form : Que fais-tu? (Pronounce ker-fay-tuh) (to friends and family)   : Que faites-vous ? (ker- fett- (MORE)

What is DOS or PC DOS?

DOS and PC DOS are different. When we say DOS, it means Microsoft DOS or MS DOS whereas PC DOS is the different operating system (older than MS-DOS) developed by IBM. The term (MORE)