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Where did hip hop dance originate?

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What style of dance is hip hop?

Urban, funky, and maybe a little "ghetto" is adjectives to describe hip hop. It has A TON OF ATTITUDE!! It is a little more loose and open and very fun.

How popular is hip hop dancing?

Very popular all over the world particularly with teens and young adults, but many older dancers enjoy the style as well.

Which Country is the dance Hip Hop from?

Hip hop is a cultural movement which developed in New York City in the 1970's primarily among African Americans and Latinos. [1] [2] Its four main elements are rapping, DJi

How is hip hop dancing performed?

If you were born to hip hop dance or street, break or body popping and you want to perform it , then it will come natural. If it doesn't come natural then try many other diffe

What is the reason for hip hop dancing?

Hip hop originated in the streets. Its about coming together and showing off your best moves in order to improve on each others skills.

What is hip-hop dance competition?

It's a competition where the mechanics is you wait for your turn then dance. Though not any kind of dancing. Just hip-hop dancing. (Not Sure! :))

How can you hip hop dance professionally?

Ask your friends to practice with you, then you and your friends can help each other out. You should keep practicing harder and remember to stretch before, during, and after d