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Where did hip hop dance originate?

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Famous hip hop dances?

soulja boy, crip walk, heel toe, walk it out, 2 step, pop lock and drop, shoulda lean, lean wit it, Harlem shake, lip gloss, cupid shuffle body rock, 6 step and etc depends

Hip hop dance songs?


What is hip-hop and street dance?

Hip Hop and Street are diffrent thing to begin. But the same kind of people dance to them. In example me!!   Hip Hop   Hip Hop dance is less formal and there is many k

How has the dance hip hop changed?

its become more aggressive. more attitude and its just fly as it has always been. remixed hip hop songs http://soundcloud.com/juicethasomniacts

What are the charactisertics of Hip Hop dance?

- you can recognize a Hip Hop Dancer by what he is wearing, You  don't see someone dancing hip hop with a tutu everyday.    - Hip Hop circulates a lot of emotions it can

Is it easy to dance hip hop?

This depends on the person. Some may find it easy to hit certain beats in the music, other may fin the movements strenuous, or difficult. You just have to put your heart into

Where is hip hop dance performed?

It is performed in may places, both formally and informally. Formally: Hip Hop is done in many competitions around the world either by yourself or with a crew. It is also don